Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hearing Impaired

I went to bed last night feeling that my body had returned to about 70% healthy. I was happy. The neighborhood was quiet. I was finally tired. And I drifted off to sleep.

At 12:15am I woke up with a horrible pain in my left ear. This is not the same ear I went to urgent care for on Tuesday. I got up and stumbled around in the dark for my ear drops. I dropped two drops in my ears and laid down on the couch waiting for the relief to take hold.

It didn't.

So, I added more drops. I wasn't sure if I was getting them in there so I woke Husband up to put them in. He got them in there and I waited again. At this point I was sobbing from the pain. It was as if someone was taking a needle and jamming it into my ear. It felt nothing like the pain I had in my right ear. I laid on the couch for hours.

Finally around 3am I couldn't take it anymore and dug around for the vicodin I was given after having a tooth pulled last summer. I hate taking pills. I hate feeling out of control and loopy. I never even took one when they pulled my tooth. But I just couldn't take the pain anymore. So, I took one.

I laid back down and was finally drifting off to sleep (still in pain) when one quick piercing pain shot through my ear and then a loud POP followed by about 10 consecutive smaller pops. Suddenly the pain was gone. But my ears are both still clogged.

It sounds like someone is blowing air directly into both of my ears. My balance is all off. I'm so tired and still loopy from the vicodin that I feel like I'm drunk. I'm sitting here at work unable to concentrate.

I came in late today. The only reason I came in at all is because my self review was supposed to be today. But another manager missed hers this morning, so she is taking my time slot since she is leaving for vacation at noon.

But none of that matters because I think I would feel pretty good if I had a) been able to sleep last night b) not been up crying for 3 hours - my eyes are so dry and c) if I could hear clearly and wasn't living in a fog.

I just want my ears back. They are very important to me.

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