Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've Always Wanted To Be A Backing Singer

I've always said my dream job is to be the backing singer for Leonard Cohen. Think of his song "Closing Time". I want to be the girl in the background singing along.

Well, I got a taste of my dream on Tuesday night. Not with Leonard, but with Jenny Lewis.

That's me in the grey dress:

During the last song of her set, she invited people to come on stage to be her choir for her song "Acid Tongue". I wasn't about to miss this opportunity and was quite surprised that more people didn't jump at the chance.

Once on stage, we were quickly told my Jenny's partner in love and music, Jonathan Rice, that if we take any pictures, we can't sing. He's kind of a tool. So I handed my camera off to a friend in the crowd, wrapped my arms around the shoulders of my fellow singers, and waited for my lines. Except, when it was time to sing, nothing came out and when I finally was able to make a sound, it was some horribly off key warbling mess. Total stage fright. Even though I was with a large group of people and could not be heard, I couldn't get anything out that sounded even remotely pleasant. So, I just sort of mouthed along. Finally, by the last chorus, I was able to find my voice. It was an amazing moment and I was so happy to share it with my best friend and the biggest Jenny Lewis fan I know (she's in the tank top next to me). She has loved Jenny since she first saw Troop Beverly Hills. This was an even greater moment for her.

Jenny also made a believer out of Husband and my friend's boyfriend. It is quite impressive when you hear that big voice come out of that little person. She is an outstanding performer and this was a great show.

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