Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Go Go Go

This past long Labor Day weekend felt like constant movement. Busy busy busy. But really, it wasn't. I just get worn down from social activity so quickly that even having a few obligations over a weekend can feel like I never stopped doing.

But it was a good weekend. A fun weekend. It was a three day weekend. And it felt like a whole week. Starting off the weekend last Friday by going to see a few of my friend's bands play and being out until 2:15am after working all day really made that day feel like an entire weekend had already passed. I woke up Saturday morning certain it was already Sunday.

The show I went to on Friday was super fun. A nice little reunion of people I hadn't seen in a while plus excellent music.

Catbath was one of the bands that I saw. Bass player is Kristin who is also in Middlepicker who I know I have mentioned on this site before. They were fantastic. Triple vocals, harmonies, all set to punkish yet melodic music. Really just excellent. This was my first time seeing them (and I think just their second show) and I'm excited to see them again soon.


Next up were the Rank Strangers - one of my all-time favorites. When they play, you should go.

Rank Strangers.

And last but not least was Spacecamp. They never play and they should because they are really good. Super fun and catchy songs. 

Saturday was filled with errands. My husband took the hardest one, which was getting up early to take the car in for an oil change. We both then took the dog to the groomers. He's so handsome. He was in desperate need of a bath, though.

And then I finally got to go spend my birthday gift card to Electric Fetus. I'd been waiting for a whole week. It was driving me crazy. I was so behind on music purchases for the year, I was starting to get anxious about it. One of the perks of being a musician is that you get a lot of music from the bands you play with. So I always have new music to listen to. And that's awesome. But there are still national bands I listen to or am curious about and those are the ones I was after. Honestly, I really dislike buying a lot of music in bulk because it's hard to focus and really get into an album. But, I just had to buy everything that day. Or everything I could. They didn't have a couple of the things I really wanted. Like Scout Niblett's It's Up to Emma or the EP by Lorde (with the song "Royals". Love it). And I also forgot that the new Volcano Choir album doesn't come out until today and I didn't save money for it on the gift card, so I guess I'll be waiting a while to get that one.

Top row from the left: Joanna Newsom: The Milk Eyed Mender, Phosphorescent: Muchacho, Dark Dark Dark, Wild Go.
Bottom row form the left: John Grant: Pale Green Ghosts, Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City, Beach House: Bloom, Veronica Falls: Waiting for Something to Happen.

That's what I bought. Up there. I spent Saturday night listening to them in my music room. Mainly just doing a quick skim of them to see if any of them really jumped out at me. Right now the only ones that really grabbed my attention are the Phosphorescent and Dark Dark Dark albums. The Dark Dark Dark album is an older release of theirs that I had been wanting to get. I've really fallen in love with that band. I'm sure I'll have more to say about these in the future.

I also couldn't resist snapping this picture while I was at Electric Fetus. It's still just so weird:

Then Sunday we went back to the fair! I had said I wasn't going to go again after a long, hot day back on the first day of the fair...but I couldn't resist. I really wanted another cheese on a stick.
It's basically a corn dog, except there is cheese inside instead of meat.

And we had to see the goats.

And the cows. One mooed at me twice. We basically had a conversation.

And the, as always, the fair completely kicks my ass. Luckily, while out shopping on Saturday, I found Season 3 of the original Beverly Hills, 90210, so that kept me occupied and on the couch for the rest of the long weekend.

Except for last night.

Last night I had a show at the Amsterdam Bar opening for Reina del Cid during their ongoing Monday night residency.

Reina del Cid.

I was pretty much expecting an empty bar. With it being the Monday night of a holiday weekend, I knew most people would be pretty burnt out. But there was a good crowd in attendance, so that was a nice surprise. Shawn and I played a duo set so we go to do some songs we hadn't done in a while, which is always fun. I even pulled out "The Paul Simon Song" per request of Tony, our sound man. It's been at least a year - most likely longer - since I had played it. Shockingly, I remember it. Might have to break that one out again sometime.

Setlist for the Amsterdam Bar on 9/2/13

  • Blind
  • Adore
  • The Party
  • Can't Even Tell
  • A Story
  • Old Fashioned Hat (Anais Mitchell cover. I played it solo)
  • Easy to Blame
  • Flavor
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Salt
  • The Paul Simon Song (solo)
So, yeah. Busy, filling weekend. Short work week ahead. Good times.


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