Monday, September 23, 2013

Scout Niblett at Icehouse

I completely fell in love with Scout Niblett last night. She is amazing. I just haven't heard music like that in a long time. And it's not that there is anything insanely innovative about it. It's just good. And raw. And powerful.

She is a tiny little thing - which just seems to be the norm for female musicians. Always shocking to hear these big sounds on records and then you go see them in person and they are 5 feet tall. (At 5'9", I am a giant in the female musician world.) But she rocked it. That's such a lame way to say things, but I really can't think of any other descriptor.

Her guitar playing can sometimes come across as repetitive. She has certain things she does and repeats, but really, it's just her sound. It's never boring.

She didn't do much moving around and she barely spoke. She said two things: 1) Half way through the set, she asked if there were any questions, then giggled as they were asked. 2) At the end she announced they have merch.

But still there was so much energy and power coming from the stage...I have to say awesome things about her band because they were, in fact, awesome. She was accompanied by a lead guitarist and a drummer and her I don't know what he does to make the drums sound that way I think he just hits them really really hard. They are probably my favorite part of the new album  It's Up to Emma. I was sitting kind of behind him due to how he was positioned on station and I just kept watching him play. I love drums/percussion and I just find them fascinating because I just do not have anywhere near the ability to play them.

Her sound is reminiscent of early PJ Harvey and 90s's fantastic. Nobody is making music like that anymore - and if you do come across someone who is, it's usually such an obvious throwback it just sounds dated. But she keeps it fresh.

Really, she's awesome. Go get It's Up to Emma.

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