Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Song: "Blind"! New Album: Intermission!

I made another record! It's an EP. 5 songs. It's coming out June 4th. I'm super excited. We did it all lo-fi, recording to 4 track.

The songs are mostly inspired by the loss of my dog Murray back in 2011. Not that they are all songs about my dog, just that that particular event brought forth a slew of disarray that has just finally begun to come to end this past month. The songs deal with grieving, remembering, and moving on.

"Blind" is the first single and you can listen to it below:

I'm hand writing all of the CD package artwork. My friend, Tracy, designed the artwork for the actual disc (she's done the art for all of my albums). I'm only pressing 100 copies - so this will be limited edition. If you want an actual disc, you have to come to a show and get one....starting during my 331 Club residency beginning June 4th and continuing every Tuesday in June!

The songs will be available for download, too.

Thanks for listening!

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