Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Observation

I went to a comedy club Tuesday night to see my friend Jenn Schaal perform. Before the show, the club shows a montage of life in the Twin Cities of Minnesota: various city skyscapes, musicians, clips from comedy shows, random non-Minnesota related movie clips - all to the sound track of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" because, well, because of course. Oh, hey, welcome to Minnesota! Did you know Prince is from here??? OMG, can you believe it???? And he STILL lives here!

But that's not the point of this post.

Naturally, I tuned out for a second because, as much as I love Prince, I get so sick of Minnesota name dropping him ALL The Time. Then the first note of the screeching guitar solo begins and my heart fluttered and I got all excited because I thought, for just a second, they were about to play "Cover Girl" by New Kids on the Block - because the song starts with the exact same guitar solo screech. For reals. A lot went through my thoughts in that second, like:

Huh, this is so cool and random.
I am so excited to hear this song right now!
Still, very weird and I'm not getting the connection.

Finally landing on, oh, wait....this is "Let's Go Crazy". Yep. That makes much more sense.

I would post both songs to show you proof, but Prince is very anti-internet and so there is nothing I could post that wouldn't be pulled right away.

But I can post New Kids on the Block's "Cover Girl". You're welcome.

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