Monday, December 31, 2012

10 Things For 2013

Considering I did just one thing on my list of goals for 2012, I can't really expect that writing this down carries much weight. But I'm going to do it anyway.

1. Finish new EP/Full Length Album
Just like last year, this list kicks off with my hope to complete an album next year. This is the one goal I managed to do last year, so I have hope for this one. And I'm already two songs into the recording of the EP and three songs into the arrangements for the full-length, so I feel good about this goal. EP should be done by late spring/early summer. I would like to have the full-length done by the end of the year, but money is always a factor with that one. So, at the very least, I'd like to be very far into the process.

2. Get More Music Gear
I need: An amp, a pick-up for my tenor guitar so I can play it out, and a new electric guitar. This was on my list for last year and I did not get these things mainly due to money. But, I got a Music-Go-Round gift card for Christmas and I should be able to - at the very least - get the pick-up for the tenor with it. So that's something. In fact, I think I planned to go there today to get it...

3. Lose Weight
Seriously, I could just cut and paste last year's list for this one since I DID NOTHING. But, whatever. I need to lose weight. I'd like to lose 20 pounds. Which should be easy since I'm pretty sure that's what I put on over the holidays and that usually comes off pretty easy once the new year starts and I get back into a routine. So, really, I should say 40 pounds. But, good lord, that's a lot.

4. Be Happy With Wherever Home Is
There's a chance we might not be living where we are living right now next year. And that makes me incredibly sad. BUT, I need to remember that as long as I have The Husband and, now, Robbie, home is where we are and all of that cliche stuff.

5. Treat Myself to Something Once a Month
Okay. So, making a goal to spoil myself seems ridiculously selfish. BUT, I think it's important to treat yourself and I'm not talking about extravagances. But if I see a $30 pair of shoes at Target that I want, I would like to think: I can get these as my treat to myself and it's okay. Or maybe it will just be one day of doing nothing on the couch (that I hope to buy soon). It can be anything. But it's important to take care of yourself. With that said...

6. Be More Charitable
I have always wanted to donate my time/money to causes more. I would like to donate to the rescue that has now given us two amazing dogs. I would like to donate my time at shelters. I just want to help. Sadly, I can be very lazy. And with that being said...

7. Stop Overextending Myself
I do not have to take every show offered to me. I do not have to go to every show that is happening. I do not have to constantly be doing something. I need to have some me time. Although, I did nothing all day this past Saturday and had plans to do something Saturday night and - because I did nothing all day - I could not drag myself out of the house that night. I can turn into a sloth very easily.

8. Read More
I don't think I read a single book in 2012 and that's sad. Wait. I just finished Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess). Big post coming up about that soon. But that was the only book I read this year. I need to fix that for 2013. Even if I just promise myself one book a month.

9. Be More Proactive
I am a reactor. I sit and I wait for something bad to happen and when it does, I react. Badly. Even though there was plenty of opportunity to change the course. If I see something heading towards the wrong path, I need to stop it from happening if and when I can so my little world is not filled with so much devastation.

10. Take Control
This goes with number 9 up there. I need to take control of my life and not let things get so insane. I need to be more assertive. More self-assured. I need to plan. I need to budget. I need to think things through. For someone who is such a worrier and pessimist, I am way too flighty and tend to jump the gun and say yes to EVERYTHING. Sometimes saying yes isn't the best thing to do. I need to know that.

So, here's to 2013. May it be ever so much better than 2012. I've been hearing across the social medias that 2012 was a pretty shitty year for most everyone. I hope your 2013 is everything you want it to be.

Have a wonderful - AND SAFE - New Year's Eve!

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