Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 In Pictures, Part 1

My boots. Had to throw them away later in the year.

 This became the pic that I use for all things niki becker music.

Rainbow off West Seventh.

 331 Club during Art-A-Whirl. One of my favorite times of any year.

 Waiting to go on at Honey.

This brought no luck this year.

The first of many pictures of alcohol I took this year once I started using Instagram.

New boots to replace the old boots. These are almost ready for the garbage, too.

Last salon haircut I got. Need my bangs back.

The Husband fixing his bicycle.

Watching Soccer outside at Brits.


Hanging out in the studio with a friend who was recording.

One of the houses I grew up in.

One of the towns I grew up in - and the last town my mom lived in.

Watching The Husband's Soccer game. 

 My new album, Sea Salt.

The first time my song was played on 89.3 The Current. I just about died.
CD Release show window. Aug. 4, 2012.

El le Faunt & His Traveling Circus playing my CD release show.

Downtown St. Paul/Mississippi River views from our houseboat hotel room post CD release show.

  The shores of Lake Superior.


New song lyrics.

Lamp Frog watches over us.

Just Amanda Palmer and me on some CMJ lists.

The Flaming Lips. One of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. Ever.

Vote no.

 A girl turns 33.

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