Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 In Pictures, Part 2

Us again.

Technically, I did not take this picture. But my camera did. And I love it.

State Fair ride.

 Ani Difranco. First Avenue. 

 Snagged a set list from Ani's show. I've always wanted to get one.

A Cannonball mission. Cornfield maze.

My team won Cannonball this year. These were our prizes. Plus the bragging rights.

Met Amanda Palmer before her show.

Amanda Palmer at First Avenue.

More new song lyrics.

EP recording.

Duluth views.

Picking songs for my Duluth set list.

Equal love for ALL.

Election Day!

Robbie joins the family.

P.O.S. Get well soon.

Backstage at The Cedar.

Roe Family Singers and Prairie Fire Lady Choir soundchecking.

On the way to Robbie's first vet visit (with us).

Looking out the window is his favorite.

NE art studio birthday parties.

Prissy Clerks record release show at 7th Street Entry.

Sleeping puppy.

 Cold bus rides.

Wink and me.

Waiting for Zoo Animal at The Cedar.

 Robbie's favorite toy.

Cuddle time.

 More EP recording.

The best thing to happy to me all year. 

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