Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here We Go...

Welcome to 2013! Back to the regularly scheduled schedule. Back to alarm clocks and desk jobs. It was really really hard to get up and get to work today. I feel the worst for my dog, though. He’s been with us since just before Thanksgiving and so he was only starting to get used to our schedule between the Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. But then The Husband was off work for 2 weeks for the holiday break and so the poor dog I’m sure has completely forgotten what our schedule is really like. It’s going to be a shock for him today. I feel terrible and just want to go home and cuddle with him.

There’s so much to do and so many things I had been putting off until now. Feeling overwhelmed. I need a vacation.

Here are 25 songs playing on my iPod that are getting me through this first day back.

1.  "The Day is Coming" - My Morning Jacket
2. "For All the Little Things" - Fort Wilson Riot
3. "Sad Baby" - Haley Bonar
4. "We R Ctrl" - Gramma's Boyfriend
5. "That's Just What Happened" - Erin McKeown
6. "Animal" - Jenny and Johnny
7. "Bobbing for Apples" - Regina Spektor
8. "Transmission of Robert Hoodin" - Gifts or Creatures
9. "Ballad of a Flickering Flame" - Southside Desire
10. "Green Fields" - The Good, The Bad, & The Queen
11. "NY" - Flight
12. "Money"- Haley Bonar
13. "Jonathan" - Fiona Apple
14. "The Next Messiah" - Jenny Lewis
15. "Say Something" - James
16. "Pretty Bird" - Jenny Lewis
17. "Green to Grey" - Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps
18. "Trout Heart Replica" - Amanda Palmer
19. "On & On" - Erykah Badu
20. "An Innocent Fiction" - Erin McKeown
21. "Puppets" - Atmosphere
22. "Philharmonics" - Agnes Obel
23. "Don't You Know" - Pulp
24. "Ruin" - Cat Power
25. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver

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