Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I Love Right Now

Hey, I've managed to keep this topic going for 3 months in a row!

1. Beverly Hills, 90210 (original series)

I got the first season of the original (can’t believe I even have to clarify that) Beverly Hills, 90210 for Christmas and while I’ve been sick this past week, I’ve watched the whole thing. My goodness, that’s some fine entertainment. The trip down early 90s memory lane is so much fun. The outfits are just insane. So much neon and biker shorts. I was trying to remember ever wearing anything like that. But then I remembered my first day of school in 5th grade (which would have been 1990, the same year as the first year of 90210). I got a new outfit: Blue shiny spandex leggings, a multi-colored geometric shape filled shirt and a big cardigan which I wore with white scrunchy socks and my LA Gear high top sneakers. And I LOVED that outfit. So, yeah. The clothes on Beverly Hills, 90210 are accurate for the times.

Anyway, it’s such a fun show. And such a fun show to make fun of. Nobody looks like they are in high school, except maybe David Silver. Donna Martin could possibly pass. Steve Sanders looks like he could be everyone’s father. Dylan and his forehead creases are way too aging. And Andrea…oh, Andrea. You old, lady. These people are supposed to be Juniors in high school. 16-17 years old. That is so not the case.

And I know I grow to hate Kelly (A few years ago I spent an entire summer watching the entire series replayed on SoapNet), like really really hate Kelly. But right now she is so much more enjoyable than Brenda and her pursed lips. God her mouth must be so sore from doing that all of the time. I much prefer when Valerie takes her spot.

2. My Job
My job has changed a lot since I was laid off in November2011. This is the third job I’ve had since then. And I love it. It really is proof that things happen for a reason. I was devastated when I was laid off because I loved where I worked. But this job, this job I really really like. And I like where I work. They’ve been very good to me. It’s nice to like where you go every day.

3. Amanda Palmer’s song “Olly Olly Oxen Free”
Remember how for the past few months all I could talk about was Joanna Newsom’s “Good Intentions Paving Company”? Well, this song is my new obsession. It’s so loud and fun and makes me want to jump around and sing along and play air drums. Seriously, the drums on this track are insane. And, it has great lyrics. 99% of the time that I’m in the car, I throw this song on at top volume. Even if I’m just running to the grocery store.

4. My Husband
I know that sounds weird. Like I’m only loving him right now or something. Of course I love him all the time. But I’ve been sick for the past week and he has taken such good care of me and I just feel so incredibly lucky that he is my husband. He’s awesome.

5. The Bloggess
After reading her book, Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) is my new hero. Which, if you’ve read the book, seems crazy. But sometimes it’s just nice to read that other people have the same thoughts and fears that you do.

6. Prissy Clerks

Prissy Clerks debut album, Bruise or Be Bruised, came out just one day after I wrote my Favorite Albums of 2012 post. If it would have come out the day before or if I would have held off posting, this would definitely had made my top 10. Clara Salyer’s voice is so sweet and so cool. Really, she has such a great voice. The music is reminiscent of early 90s bands like Belly, which I love. Seriously great album. Go get it.


 7. Soup with Ritz Crackers
While sick, I ate many bowls of Progresso Vegetable Soup with Noodles and instead of putting saltines or oyster crackers in it, I used Ritz Crackers. O My God. So. Good.

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