Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three Ears

One of the things I love about our current home is our yard. Our house is on a half-acre and behind is a grove of trees that provide ample privacy and great animal watching. Squirrels, rabbits, and even deer. This is what I will miss most when we move (yes, we’re moving).

And coyotes!

Ever since Murray died, I think it’s safe to say the husband and I have grown attached to these wild animals. We leave them food and watch them play.
One little guy (or gal) has really taken over my heart. He’s (let’s just call it a he) is a rabbit and he has three ears.

He lives in the hedges by our garage and spends his evenings in the front yard eating apple remains that my husband leaves for the animals – and he really does have three ears. Or what appears to be a third ear. It looks like an ear and it hangs off the back of his neck.

He was pretty much out there like clockwork every evening and most mornings. But I haven’t seen him in over a week now and I am starting to get worried. What if something happened to him?

My husband and I were thinking maybe rabbits tuck themselves away in the late summer – because we really haven’t seen any rabbits around anywhere in a long time. And the squirrels have been going crazy, so maybe the rabbits just stay away until they are done.

But then last night I got home from choir practice and it was dark and I saw a rabbit in the front yard having a snack in the spot that Three Ears always has a snack. I got really excited, but then as the headlights shined on him and he sprinted away, I saw that this rabbit only had two ears. I think. It was hard to see. But Three Ears’ third ear is pretty noticeable.

So, where has he gone?

I am very concerned.

I was already feeling sad about leaving him behind when we move. I mean, I know he’s a wild rabbit and all…but I miss my dog and Three Ears is the closest thing I have to an animal in my life right now. And if you’ve read my post on the Story of Jaycer, you will know I have some serious animal abandonment issues.

But now he’s not around and I’m feeling a little abandoned. I wish he’d just show himself so I’d know he’s not dead. We have hawks and big dogs in the neighborhood. I worry.

Come back, Three Ears.

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