Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Year And A Day

It was my birthday yesterday. Another year older. 33. I'm not fond of that number. Not because I think it makes me old (it does), but I just don't like the number. 33. I don't know. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm already looking toward 34. That number just looks better.

I had an odd birthday. I was completely depressed for the first half and giddy for the second.

Things with work are weird now and it is what it is, but it had me feeling very very down all through the work day and that's no way to feel on one's birthday.

But after work I got home to this display on the kitchen table:

My lovely husband bought me flowers, presents, and cupcakes. I love cupcakes. As for the presents, they were just as awesome as the cupcakes. Sharon Van Etten's Tramp album. You know the one with this song that just slays me:

Also on the presents list: My Morning Jacket's album Circuital, which I've been wanting for a very long time now but for whatever reason had yet to pick up. AND Amanda Palmer concert tickets. I am so excited. I wasn't trying to be excited that she was coming to town because I didn't think I'd be able to go. But I do! I do get to go! And I can't wait to see this woman live.

I also got season 6 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So I now I have something funny to watch during the week...after I finish watching all of Sherlock again, which I just started doing.

I also got to do something I've always wanted to do that I never thought I'd get to do...I got to sing the National Anthem at a ballgame! The gals in Prairie Fire Lady Choir and I sang it in 4 part harmony before the St. Paul Saints game. Totally awesome birthday treat. Check that off the list.

The best part (for me) was the ladies sang Happy Birthday to me before taking the field. It was so sweet.

Then Matt and I met up at a bar to celebrate both my birthday and his being done with school. It was a big day and it turned into a beautiful evening and left me feeling very good about things.

And tomorrow it's the State Fair and I am so excited. Matt and I took the day off work. We're going to get there early, get coffee, and enjoy the day.

I love the fair.

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