Friday, February 10, 2012

So Many Things!

I have been such a bad blogger and there have been so many things I've wanted to write about - not anything deeply important - just random things and then suddenly the list got so long and I got overwhelmed and had no idea where to even begin.

So here it all is in list form;

1. My husband got a new job! It's pretty exciting. It's a perfect fit for him. I tell ya, there is a lot of good job karma floating around out there right now. If you've been looking and you stopped for whatever reason, start again. Good things are happening for a lot of people.

2. I'm home today as part of my new alternative work schedule for my new job. It's pretty awesome. I got so much done already and it's not even noon yet. My website has been updated. Show requests have been sent. Laundry has been started. I've showered. It's been a good day. It's so nice to have these days.

3. Speaking of shows, I'm playing at the Fine Line on Monday, February 20th. It's a free show. I know it's a Monday and Monday's are a hard day to go out, but it's early (I go on around 8:30) and it's kind of important that I get people to this one. So if you've ever thought about coming to see me, but always thought you'd just catch me at a later day, well, the later date has arrived! I hope to see you!

4. I've been keeping up with recording updates, but did you know that I'm also about half way through with writing a new album? I've got about 6 songs started. Very basic at this point, but still they are started. I think when I'm done recording this album, I might just keep going and start on the next one.

5. And finally in my personal music news, I'm in a contest! It's Vita.MN's Are You Local Best New Band contest and I would love it if you sent a vote my way!

6. Everybody has been talking about this Gotye guy for a really long time now. I remember seeing the video posted on Facebook back late last year. I ignored it. Then it just kept popping up. Then people starting posting all these cover renditions and then I just thought it was some sort of internet meme that was lost on me so I continued to ignore it. Then a friend asked if I wanted to go see this Gotye guy when he comes to I finally went to check out this song...and, well, it's not bad. I can see the appeal. But it totally reminds me late 80s Sting, which is not a bad thing. Sting rules.

7. Speaking of other music people have been talking about: Lana Del Rey. I had not heard any of her songs, and like with a lot of people, my first real exposure to her was her dreadful SNL performance. But, last night on a whim, I went to listen to some song samples on iTunes, and, yeah, it's really good stuff. I totally dug and can totally see myself singing those songs while drinking many beers and hanging out in my living room. I'm totally going to buy it. Just like the rest of the world.

8. Bon Iver has been all over the music news places for, basically, dissing the Grammys. I know the Grammys are barely about the music these days and have lost any sort of integrity they once had, but they are still the Grammys. I'd be ridiculously excited to win one - or, yes, honored just to be nominated. But I also understand the grossness of it all and I get his stance with not being all that excited about it. So whatever. Either way, the guy is amazing and I found this video of him performing a solo version of "Skinny Love" on Later with Jools Holland and it took my breath away.

9. So much music Erin McKeown is in the studio finishing up an album and Amanda Palmer just announced she will be going in to record in a couple of weeks. So add them to the list of ladies I love who will be releasing albums (most likely) this year. It's going to be a fantastic year for music. Also, here is Amanda Palmer's new video for her cover of Nirvana's "Polly". Haunting.

10. Madonna played the Superbowl and she released a new single and it is so beneath her. If it was a song by, oh, I don't know, some young pop star, I'd think it was a fun little song. But, sorry, she is too old for this. I hate to rag on her because she's all grows up now, but, Madonna, come on. And then I feel even more bad because it seems over the past year people have really been commenting on all of her plastic surgery and weird overly yoga'd arms and, as an aging pop star, that has to be incredibly difficult to deal with. Then I saw that she's taken to wearing gloves and I assume it's also because your hands are the one thing that will show your real age and I've seen people all over the gossip blogs comment on her hands and how old they look and then suddenly she has a new movie and a new album and she's covering her hands with gloves...and it's kind of sad. But then I remember she's Madonna and there are many other people in the world to feel bad for.

11. I was sick last week (shocker) and stayed home and watched a bunch of movies: The Day After Tomorrow, The Aviator, and The Island. All of them I've seen before. But, I've just got to say, The Day After Tomorrow fills me with so much frustration. I know it's just a big special effects movie, but you'd think in a movie that deals with cold that they would research cold. It just shows that Hollywood has no idea how cold cold is. It is about 20 degrees outside right now in Minnesota. I have to catch the bus later today. I will be dressed warm and most likely I will find myself still shivering while I wait. Physically trembling. Nobody trembled in this movie. Now, in 20 degrees, I will probably not wear gloves, but most people do. But this movie takes place in temperatures that cause the ocean to freeze. At one point, Jake Gyllenhaal and his friends have to outrun freezing. I don't even know how that is possible. Basically they are trying to outrun air. Yet, he is not wearing gloves. Or a hat. At one point he grabs onto a metal ladder. Without gloves. In the freezing. It makes me crazy. Come on, Hollywood.

12. So, as I said above, I also watched The Aviator. Great movie. Then the next day I watched Inception again. Also a great movie. Both star Leonardo DiCaprio. I've decided I really like Leonardo DiCaprio. He makes good movies. Good for him. Remember how after Titanic he came out with that movie The Beach and everyone thought he would just waste away in teenage idolhood?

13. The Island is stupid (and way too long). Don't bother. Although Ewan McGreoger and Scarlett Johansson are both very pretty.

14. In order to try to stop being sick all the time, I bought a whole bunch of immune system boosting foods at the grocery store last weekend. One of those things is garlic. I've read that eating 2 cloves of garlic a day does wonders for your immune system. Don't Do This. I had 4-5 little nibbles off of one clove and my stomach went sour and I smelled like and tasted garlic for 2 days after. Bad idea. I can't imagine what people who actually do this smell like. Not worth it.

15. And, finally, if you are like me at all and are not a fan of children or parent's who think their kids are the center of the world and the greatest thing ever and that everyone should be totally amazed that they were able to produce one and act like they are the first people in the world to ever have a baby...then you should go read this site: STFU, Parents.  Hilarious.

With that, I believe I am all caught up.

Back to your regularly scheduled posting soon.

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