Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recording Day 7

I really wanted to record some vocals today...but I have this silly cold and my voice just is not there. But we still got a couple of things done.

My friend, Kurt, came in and played the mandolin on one track and I started my guitar part for another.

We're moving right along. I feel like we're in the home stretch which is both exciting and scary. Once I have it done, I'm going to want to put it out there as quickly as possible...but recording is only the first step. Mastering and the actual making of the actual physical album still have to be done and both of those things are super expensive.  So much so that I'm actually considering starting a Kickstarter...but I just don't feel comfortable with that.

I'l find a way. It will happen.

In other news...

I bought a tenor guitar!!!

I've wanted one of these for many years and they are impossible to find. Most companies don't make them anymore so you can really only luck out in finding one via eBay or a used instruments store, which is where I found mine.

It's so pretty and sounds so good. Unfortunately, I don't know how to string it and, while playing with the tuning, I snapped a string so I need to bring it in and get it restrung - and be shown how to do it myself.

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