Tuesday, August 17, 2010

St. Paul

I work in downtown St. Paul. It's a very strange place. St. Paul is the place where everything is just a little off. It has all the same restaurants/stores as everywhere else, but it's just a little off. Subway, Macy's, Fujiya...it's all just a little different here in St. Paul.

St. Paul also has a strange population of people. The only people who actually live here are the elderly, the handicapped, the homeless, and the gangsters and they all come out during the day and congregate outside of our workplace lunchroom. It makes for a very entertaining lunch.

My co-worker made this video explaning all of the wonderful things you can find in downtown St. Paul. It's probably only funny to those people who experience downtown St. Paul every day and know the sites. So, to me, it's hilarious.

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