Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Headaches And Happiness

Every once in a while - I would say once a month or once every 6 weeks - I get these terrible headaches. But they aren't the kind of headaches where you can pinpoint one spot on your head and say 'ow'. I can't just rub the right temple or the space between my eyebrows. This headache is more of a pressure that starts at the back of my head/top of my neck and runs upward until the pressure is sitting atop my head like a pressure hat. It makes it hard to focus, hard to think and it usually lasts for a couple of days. No pills work. Caffeine, sugar, nothing seems to help. It used to scare me. I thought for sure that one of these times I would pass out. But now, I think it's just a migraine. I think I get migraines.

It also seems that there is always something physically wrong with me. Before this headache happened, I had some odd leg pain on some random place on my thigh. No bruise. Just a weird feeling on my leg. But then it went away and my headache happened. I'm sure that when the headache goes, something else will take it's place. It's just the way things seem to happen.

On a happier note, my 30th birthday is on Friday and I'm suddenly super excited. I've taken the afternoon off of work. My husband is going to make me my favorite dinner (tacos) and then we are going out to a local bar to sing some karaoke. I sent an invite out via Facebook to friends and it appears there will be a good turnout. Nothing sounds better than drinks and karaoke on my birthday with friends.

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