Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August, I'm On Your Side

Or...I was on your side. I feel like I had big plans for this month. I know I had some kind internal list of things to do or get started on before I turn 30 (which is happening in 16 days). Unfortunately this illness has rendered me useless for the month.

I was sick for over a week. Now, though I no longer have a cold, my ears are stilled clogged. My right might as well not be attached to my head anymore. There was a brief moment on the bus ride in this morning that it cleared up a bit. I sat frozen, not wanting to ruin what was such a beautiful moment. But within 10 seconds, it clogged up again.

My friend has the same illness as me. She is about 3 days ahead of me in the sickness cycle. Her doctor told her it would be at least another 3 weeks before she can hear again.

Well, I can't wait that long. I will not have my 30th birthday destroyed by this affliction. I am going to the real doctor tomorrow (not just some urgent care doc) who will then, hopefully, recommend an ENT to take a look at me. There must be a way to fix this.

I can't listen to music because the audio sounds off. It's like only one speaker works and someone turned the rpm high. Everyone's voices sound super high pitched. Even people I'm talking to directly. It's so weird.

I was having a conversation with Husband and he kept telling me to speak up. To me, it sounds like I'm shouting, but I guess I'm just whispering.

I miss playing my guitar. I miss my headphones on the bus. I miss singing.

I miss music.

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