Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CD Released!

O my goodness what a fantastic weekend. I know it’s Wednesday already and so this may seem a little past its due date to be writing about, but I needed this time to really absorb it.

Saturday night was my CD Release Party. I had been living with massive amounts of stress leading up to this night. Would the album be printed in time? Would the live music in my living room work out without blowing a fuse or burning down the house? Would people show up? What am I going to wear? Would people like my music?

It was such a huge success.

I was so pleased with the turn out. Everyone who showed up means so much to me in my life. I felt truly honored to have them as friends.

The live music turned out amazing. The first band, Shelly From Payroll – a 4 piece cover band made up of people I work with, brought a PA and mixing board and turned my living room into a sound stage. It sounded amazing in there. When the first started loading it all in, I panicked a little. I didn’t think it would fit. But it did. They made it work and they made it work well. It looked so awesome in there. I wish my living room could have a full sound system in it all the time.

Beyond their set up, Shelly From Payroll sounded great themselves. A great cover band.

Birds of Virginia were up next. Normally a full alt-country band, the lead singer/guitar player/songwriter, came to do an acoustic set. I think he blew everyone away. He sounded so awesome. If you have not heard this band before, go check them out. Now. Album is available on iTunes. Or go here:

Then came me. I was super nervous. I think I had 40 people in the house at this time. It might have been my largest audience yet. And, my drummer and I were playing our first “show” together. I’m a big fan of drums and when I play with him, I get a little too caught up listening to all of the awesome things he’s doing instead of just concentrating on my part. So I was sure I was going to mess up. And I did, a little. But it was alright. I played: “The Paul Simon Song”, “Cohabitate”, “Good to Know”, “Thursday” and “Good”. Then, I got a request to do the cover song I’ve started playing often. It’s Skid Row’s “I Remember You”. So I did that and it was awesome. Everyone sang along. It was a really nice moment.

And then it was party time. For me. I had been holding back on my beer intake since I had to play.

Unfortunately, my camera decided to flake out on me and so I got no pictures from the night. I’m bummed about that. Our house looked so awesome.

Oh, and I sold about 40 CDs. So that was nice. My music is officially out there. I signed up on CD Baby last night and hope to have it available for digital purchase soon.

Now, I need to get some more shows. I had all this moment leading up to the party and now it’s just stopped. It’s so hard to get shows. I can’t guarantee 40 people at my shows. I know 40 people who would come, but I don’t know if they can make it on a particular night at a particular time. I’m trying to get myself set up with a promotions company. Hopefully that happens and it will help.

I already miss my party. I want to do it all over again. We have plenty of beer left over.

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