Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost Episode 10, "He's Our You"

Last night's episode had an old school feel to it. We were back to the flashback way of story telling. Well, I'm not sure if calling it a flashback is correct, since the scenes happened in the future. But they were in Sayid's if I had a little of what Oldham gave Sayid, I could make sense of it all.

So for this recap, we are going to tell the flashbacks and present stories separately.

It was a Sayid episode last night and we start of in Tekrit, Iran where Sayid's father is demanding Sayid's older brother to kill a chicken. If he can do this, he will be a man. Sayid's brother refuses. His father says he will have to stay outside until he kills one. Sayid approaches his brother and calmly enters the chicken coop. He grabs a chicken and breaks it's neck then hands it to his brother. His father comes out and sees the brother with the dead bird and gets all excited. The brother denies he did and the father looks at Sayid, grateful, that one of his boys will grow up to be a man.

We then recall Sayid's various murders for Ben, like the guy on the golf course, and then we head to Moscow where a man is running frantically down the hall. He gets to a room with a safe and pulls out some money to bribe his chaser. Which is Sayid. With his hair flat-ironed. He looks so pretty. He pulls out his gun and shoots the Russian.

Sayid walks outside where Ben is waiting. Ben tells him he has managed to kill everyone necessary and he can go on living his life. Sayid is all, "okay." and they go their separate ways.

Flash forward some more and Ben shows up at the Habitat for Humanity place that Sayid is now working at. He tells him that Locke was murdered by the same people he and Sayid were after before and that one of those people have taken root outside of Hurley's mental institution and that Sayid needs to do something about it. Sayid goes on and on about how he is not a killer and Ben is like, dude, all you ever want to do is kill and torture people. And Sayid is like, you got me there.

So, we know what happens next is Sayid's timeline. He goes to rescue Hurley and the wild and crazy adventures of Hugo and Sleeping Sayid happens. Then Sayid ends up on the pier with everyone else and he tells Ben he is not going back and if he ever sees him again there will be some serious problems and this is why I think it is Sayid who beat up Ben and got him all bloody before the trip back to the Island. Everyone assumes that Ben is all bloody because he killed Penny or that Desmond fucked him up because he tried to kill Penny all because he was standing at a pier when he called up Jack all bloody. We all know that Desmond and Penny were on a boat, so the logical connection was made, right? Right? Wrong. Are we really supposed to believe that Desmond and Penny sailed from London to LA in a matter of two days? Because if that's so, then this show needs to hire a new continuity team. After the gaffe with Charlotte's age recently, they need to keep on their toes a little more.

Sayid ends up at a bar that night where he drowns his sorrow in $120 glasses of scotch. There is a woman at the bar. Hey! It's FBIchick! Except, she's all skanked out. She starts hitting on Sayid and we know this isn't going well. What I don't get is why he is even giving her the time of day. With all of the shit he's been through lately, he really has the time for some skanky chick at the bar who is being a bit too nosy about what he does for a living?

Sayid takes her back to his room where they make out wildly before she kicks him in the head with her big old boots and pulls a gun on him.

This happens to Sayid way too often.

It turns out she's FBI at all, she's a hit woman who has been hired to bring Sayid to Guam where he will be punished for the death of the guy he killed on the golf course.

Now we are at the airport where Sayid is being lead around in handcuffs. They reach the terminal and he sees Hurley and then Jack. He asks her if they can please catch a different flight. She says no. He then sees Kate and Sayid looks like he's about to cry.

They get on the plane and there is Sun. Just as they are about to take off, here comes Ben. Sayid and Ben give each other a look of WTF and it just makes me believe even more that Sayid is the one who beat up Ben. He asks the HitWoman (her new name until I learn her real name) if Ben hired her and she says she has no idea who that is.

Back to the Island....

Sayid is chilling in his cell when Ben brings him another sandwich. What a good boy he used to be! He asks Sayid if he knows Richard and tells him that he knows Richard and that he wants to join up with Richard and that if Sayid just waits, he'll help him out.

Later, Horace and his crew show up and start questioning Sayid, telling him it's his last chance to tell them the truth. Sayid refuses to speak. Horace heads over to Jim James Sawyer LeFluer's house where he and Juliette are making bacon and discussing how Jack and Kate and are going to destroy their lives because that is all they know how to do - destroy lives. Horace tells Sawyer that Sayid won't talk and they will have to give him over to Oldham who will make him talk. Sawyer asks to speak with him first. He enters Sayid's cell and Sayid begs him to let him go. Sawyer says he can't. He has built a good life here in Dharmaville and he doesn't want Sayid to ruin. He asks Sayid to say that he is a defective other and that he wants to join Dharma. Sayid refuses to and I realize Sayid has the same problem as Jack, but different. Jack thinks nothing is important. He refuses to give up information or accept any new information. By doing so, he gets everyone killed. Sayid thinks everything is really important and wants nothing but information and will do everything he can to get it, including torturing innocent people which, thus, ends up getting people killed. Sayid decides not to join Dharma and I just really wish he would cooperate for once.

Next something really awesome happens. Hurley is at work in the cafeteria and he brings Kate and Jack their breakfast. Kate asks Jack if he knows anything new about Sayid since he was over at Sawyer's last night. He says no. She says she is going to ask Juliette. Hurley says that's stupid because Juliette lives with Sawyer and probably knows as much as he does. Kate's all, whaaaaa? Jack's all, it's true. Now maybe you can stop pining over him and remember how we just got busy two nights ago and how we almost got married a few months ago. Kate looks heartbroken and I am shining inside.

Back in Sayid's cell, Roger Workman (or Ben's father) is mopping up the hallway. Ben comes around with another sandwich. His father gets all pissy about how Ben never brings him a sandwich then he throws him up against the bars of the cell and tells him he's worthless and now I feel really sorry for Ben. Ben runs out crying and Sayid looks on like he feels sorry for him, too or like he wants to kill him. It's hard to tell with Sayid.

Sawyer shows up and gives Sayid one more chance to join them. He refuses (of course) and Sawyer tasers him. They pack him up and take him out to Oldham.

Oldham is a dude who lives in a teepee in the woods and is played by the guy who played Darryl on Newheart and now I can't take him seriously because he sounds exactly the same. Everyone looks all nervous about what he is going to do and what is it that he does? He injects some LSD into a sugar cube, ties Sayid to a tree (for his own good) and then forces him to take the cube. It's a truth serum. Sayid starts tripping out and tells them the truth. The truth which is so far fetched they all think Oldham gave him a bit too big of a hit. I mean, when you give a guy a drop of LSD and he goes on and on about being from the future, what else are you going to think? Of course, Sayid also knows way too much about the Island, and all of the hatches (some which aren't complete yet) and it raises some questions amongst the Dharminians. They bring Sayid back to jail.

Horace calls a meeting amongst the Dharma leaders to vote on whether or not they should kill Sayid. Everyone is freaking out because he knows too much and they all vote to kill him. Sawyer, not wanting to be the odd man out and lose his status amongst them, also votes to kill him.

Sawyer goes to tell Sayid what's about to happen and gives him one last out. He tells Sayid to hit him and take his keys and run. But, now Sayid doesn't want to leave. He feels he has a greater purpose there. Wow, that LSD really did a number on him. Sawyer's all, whatevs and leaves and heads over to Kate's house. Why, Sawyer, why? Oh, to yell at her. That's cool. He asks her why she came back. Just as she is about to answer, a flaming Dharma bus comes rolling down the hill and crashes into someone's house. Everyone goes into rescue mode to save their people.

Back in Sayid's cell, a young Ben approaches him wearing a hooded cloak. He breaks out Sayid and they flee to the jungle. While on the run, they run into Jin. Sayid asks Jin to let them go. He says he needs to call Sawyer first. Sayid knocks him out and takes his gun. Ben says they'll have to hurry. He looks at young Ben and says, "you were right about me. I am a killer". Ben's all, what? Then he shoots him. Sayid shoots young Ben!!!! And I feel so fucking bad for the dumb kid! God dammit, Sayid! Why can't you just play nice? Do you have any idea what kind of fucked up time loop paradox bullshit you've opened up? How is Ben ever supposed to grow up and do all of those things and get everyone back to the island if he is killed as a kid? But how will Sayid go back in time to kill him if Ben never grew up and did all the stuff he did as an adult? Ugh. Stupid stupid show. You better have a good explanation for this or you just Back to the Future'd yourself into a real corner.

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