Saturday, March 28, 2015

These Days

Oh, these days what is even I don't know.

It's been nuts. NUTS. One of those moments in life when it seems everything is happening all at once and my brain can't even brain anymore because it's so filled with a million things to remember. I constantly find myself standing in the middle of a room with my hands on my head wondering what I was just about to do. Or staring at a computer not having opted to do anything on it...just staring at it thinking there must be something I should be doing.

It's been so busy that I haven't even been able to write about how my Kickstarter was successful!!! I honestly can't believe it. Going into it, I was certain I wouldn't make it. I just didn't think it would be possible for a million different reasons. But there was still a little part of me that thought it might be - I mean, if there wasn't, I never would have done it in the first place. I'm just so thrilled and extremely humbled and grateful by and for the support. It blows my mind. Unreal.

So now I have a long list of things to do and tasks to complete leading up the album release on June 13th. I just dropped off the album to be mastered today. My husband is finishing up the album artwork. I've got the release show venue booked and one other band locked in - still waiting to confirm the other one. While I wait for the album to be finished, I have to get all of the Kickstarter reward items in order, including readying a bonus EP for a certain tier of backers. It's very busy times. And that's just the music stuff.

All of this is coinciding with a very busy time at the day job. So many projects all due right now. I feel like I'm constantly just treading water. But, it will get better. And, it's nice to be busy. Busy is good. But I totally don't mind that I'm just chilling out at home right now with nothing on the agenda either : )

For now, I am going to relax with Netflix. X-Files and Season 4 of Arrested Development. Both of which I've seen before. Because that's how I do television.

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