Monday, March 9, 2015

Sofar Sounds And All The Rest

I had such a wonderful weekend. I was coming off a fun show at Harriet Brewing. I had taken Friday off of work just to rest my brain and regroup. I did nothing Friday night but watch shows on Netflix. Saturday I headed out to a really great show at the Amsterdam Bar and Sunday, I played a show and caught one of my childhood heroes playing a show, as well.

Last week I was asked to play a set for Sofar Sounds. Sofar Sounds is a global community of music lovers who host house shows all around the world. They are based in London, but have hubs everywhere, including Minneapolis. I've always wanted to play one of these sessions and was thrilled to be asked.

But I also had tickets to see one of my favorites, Juliana Hatfield, at the Turf Club.

But, I couldn't pass up the Sofar gig. It was just too cool.

And it was cool. And FUN.

It was my first house show - well, I guess my first CD release show was held at my house - but this was my first house show that I did not throw for myself. It was me and two other bands (Warehouse Eyes and Jessica Manning). Shawn joined me on lead guitar. We got to play 4 songs. Sofar videos two of them and then they put the better one up on their site and social medias and all that fun stuff.

The house was full. I had no idea what to expect. I invited people (Kickstarter backers - these are the perks of backing a Kickstarter!), but Sofar Sounds has their own community of people who come to these house shows. And they come there to listen to music. It was a thrill to perform and have people just sitting there, watching and listening, quietly. That doesn't happen at bars.

The Sofar Sounds crew was awesome, as was our homeowner host and his super cute dog, Suzy.

 We became fast friends.

I had such a good time. Thank you to everyone who put this together and who attended.

  Set list for Sofar Sounds 3/8/15
  • The Reminder
  • Daughter (first time played live!)
  • A Story
  • Safety Mode

After the show, I managed to make it over to the Turf Club to catch the end of the Juliana Hatfield Three's set. On this tour, they are playing the entire Become What You Are album. I got there for the last song from the album. I walked in and she was performing "I Got No Idols" and I felt like I walked into an episode of My So Called Life. There is a particular episode - the BEST episode - where everyone goes to see Buffalo Tom. But the strange part is that no one gets there on time and those who are there aren't paying attention. It's weird. But, I felt like Angela Chase walking into that club last night. Oh, hey, cool - it's just Juliana Hatfield up there. No biggie.

But it was a biggie. And what I caught was awesome. I'm glad I decided to still stop in.

As for the rest of the weekend...

Saturday night, Zoo Animal performed their first show in over a year. This band is so crazy good. You just have to go see them. I'm so glad they're back.

Fort Wilson Riot opened and they also put on a crazy good set.

It was just an excellent show all around  - and early. The whole thing was over before 10pm. Which means I got to head home and watch...

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Even though I binge watched the whole thing (13 episodes) in under a day, I'm still unsure what I think about it. I enjoyed it. There were things about it I really liked, moments I really liked, times I laughed out loud. But I also found parts annoying and I question whether I found it funny at all. Sort of the same way I feel about New Girl. I think I just grow to like the characters so much that I just enjoy checking in with them.

I guess I'd recommend it. It's short. It's cute. It's very positive and really easy to watch.

Today I am tired. I guess that's totally my fault for picking Sunday night as the one night I really go out over the weekend. I'm supposed to go out tonight and tomorrow, too...

The Kickstarter for the new album is still going. We're down to 10 days left and only 56% funded. SO NERVOUS. If you feel like pre-ordering the new album, that would be AMAZING.

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