Friday, April 12, 2013

Things I Love Right Now

1. Solo John Lennon
I used to adore The Beatles. Now, I have somewhat of a hardtime with them. But solo John Lennon is just so well done and timeless. I love the simplicity of most of his songs. Whether he’s just strumming along and earnestly with all of his heart singing love songs to Yoko Ono or heavily pounding out big, drawn out piano chords, I just love it. His voice is chilling. I really don’t have to say anymore, do I? This is John Lennon. The guy could write a song.

2. Fast Getaways Tumblr
Full disclosure, this is my husband’s tumblr. But I love the idea and think it’s hilarious. I mean, why do people back into parking spots for no good reason? When doing so, they usually get in the way of everyone else because they have to complete readjust their vehicle to back into a spot that isn’t meant to be backed into.Check it out here:

3. Eli’s Food and Cocktails in NE Minneapolis
This is my new favorite restaurant. Great food (with a ton of vegetarian options), reasonably priced, good drinks, great atmosphere. And their Tuna Tataki appetizer is THE BEST. It’s a great place to go for a sit down meal or just for some drinks.

4. Louise Brealey
I know Lousie Brealey as Molly Hooper from Sherlock. Molly is such a wonderful character and she plays her so well. But, what I didn’t know is that acting is not her full-time job. She’s a writer. And a good one. And she’s super funny on Twitter. You should follow her. She’s totally my latest girl crush that was solidified with this tweet:

5. “The Thing About Things”
Amanda Palmer just released a live version of a new song she recorded at a show last weekend. It’s beautiful and I already spoke of it in a previous post. But the line “the thing about things is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said” is brilliant and I wish I wrote it. That’s all. Wait, no. That's not all. She also performed this song that night that I've never heard before and is equally as wonderful:

6. Rilo Kiley’s “My Name Is Not Laura”
I don’t know if this is the real name of the song as it is the hidden track (I really hate hidden tracks) on their new b-sides and rarities collection, RKives, and is only listed as “Untitled”. But I think “My Name Is Not Laura” is a good title. There’s nothing particularly special about this song, just that it is very very very old school Rilo Kiley and very cute and I really like it. I liked it enough that I edited it and cut out the 12 minutes of silence that proceeds it so I can have a normal version to listen. And I named it “My Name Is Not Laura”. Of course, it's not anywhere that I can find online, so I guess you just have to get the album.

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