Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Days

I just got some incredibly good news.

These past 7, 8 months I've had this incredibly stressful, nagging, potentially life altering thing hanging around. I can't even say what it was because I am so ridiculously superstitious that I'm afraid if I talk too openly about it that it will all come crashing down. But, I'm told whatever that thing was, it's over. And life can move on.


I am so happy.

AND, work called a snow day. That NEVER happens in the real world. But it happened today.

AND, The National released another awesome track from their upcoming album.

AND, I have an amazing husband and the best dog.

Feeling like a lucky girl right now. Going to bask in that for a bit and be okay with it and not be superstitious and weird about enjoying a moment.

So let's dance.

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