Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is Pinky.

He is the best cat that ever lived.

Today is his last day.

I'm not much of a cat person. I mean, I love cats because I love animals and cats are animals and that's how all of that works. But I don't ever see myself having one as a pet.

But Pinky and I used to live together many years ago. I've never met a cat like him. He's very special. Everyone who's ever met him says this.

He's just so awesome.

When I was 20 years old and unemployed, we spent a lot of time together hanging out on the couch, playing Super Mario Bros 3 and eating Doritos and mini donuts (I would feed him the inside of the donut and I would eat the chocolately outside.

He would just hang out. He'd come sit between you and someone else on the couch and just chill. Occasionally he'd meow like he was a part of the conversation.

He loved to play fetch....

....and he would bring the ball back.

He'd sit in a chair at the kitchen table and just listen to the conversations. And, I mean sit in the chair.

He was social, but yet socially awkward.

He was one of those animals that almost seemed human. Like he got it.

He was very special.

He was my buddy.

I didn't see him much in his elderly years. But I did get a chance to say goodbye. I brought him some Doritos and mini donuts last weekend and we shared them and I'm so glad we did.

Pinky and his life partner, Sausage. They didn't think we could see them up there.

He was the best cat.

He will be so very missed.

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