Friday, April 13, 2012

Recording Day 13

First off, let me say this week has been insane. INSANE. I am exhausted beyond any exhaustion I’ve ever felt.

Monday night: show at the Kitty Cat Klub
Tuesday night: hosted an open mic at The Chatterbox Pub
Wednesday night: recorded
Thursday night: stayed home but got no sleep
Friday: actually at work today

I need it to be Friday night.


Wednesday night was piano night. I have 3 songs that have piano on them (one is a piano instrumental!), so it wasn’t too much to do. Unfortunately, I was so tired that it took a little longer than I had hoped. But, the piano instrumental turned out quite well (in my opinion) and the piano I played it on has the perfect sound for it.

I love playing the piano and I wish I had one instead of my little Casio keyboard. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to sit down to a real piano.

We also did the final mix for a song that, I guess, will be considered as the first single. It’s weird to think of my songs as singles. Even weirder to pick one as the single. And then to mix it and be like, okay, that’s it. That’s how it’s going to sound. It’s so very final and makes me very anxious. What if I made the wrong choices? What if the lead guitar should be pulled back or the backing vocals brought up or less reverb here or more bass there?


Deep breaths.

I go in again next Wednesday to work on a big chunk of vocals…if I don’t get sick. And with the amount of coughing going on around me at the office, that could be difficult to avoid. I’m shocked I’ve managed to avoid for so long already.

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