Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitty Cat Klub

Fun show at the Kitty Cat Klub on Monday night. I got to play with my friends, the Broken Bicycles, and I had my first gig with my new bass player, Bart. I think it went really well and it was so nice to finally have that booming lower end on these songs when we perform them live. We were a full band. Two guitars, bass, drums….not sure how things got to this point, but I’m happy they did. As we were setting up the stage with all of our stuff, I was just floored for a moment that there is now a bass amp on stage. Those things are huge. It’s hard to explain, but it just made all of this seem legit.

I just never thought I’d have a band. I never thought I’d be doing this at all. I’m so happy that I am.

Setlist for the Kitty Cat Klub 4/9/12
  • The Party
  • Good
  • Float
  • The Paul Simon Song
  • Good to Know
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Here
  • Adore

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