Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Radio Radio

My album went out to college radio stations across the country on November 23rd. I’ll get my first official report out next week, but I can’t stop googling myself each day to see if I show up on any online playlists. And I have. Which is exciting. Here’s where I know I’ve been played so far:

WLUR in Lexington, KY (well, they referenced me and “Cast a Spell” on their site. I guess I don’t know for sure if they actually played it)
KMSU in Mankato, MN (twice!) – “Minnesota”
WMHB in Waterville, ME – “Thursday”
WXDU in Durham, NC – “Cast a Spell”

It’s kind of crazy for me to think of my songs playing in all of these places. Even if it’s just once at 3am. Somebody heard it, right?

....AND I just had to edit this to say that I found out this morning that WMTU in Houghton, MI has me charting at #1 on their station. That might be the coolest news I've ever heard!

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