Friday, April 24, 2009


It's been about a week since I last posted. I've been slipping. My job has become exceedingly busy and my blogging time has been cut short. I suppose that's a positive thing. It's good to be busy at work and feel needed in these economic times. Of course, sometimes that doesn't matter. Like, for my husband. Who was laid off last Friday.

It's a bittersweet situation. He hated that job. But, he would have liked to have left on his own terms. Nobody wants to lose their job. Jobs are a rare thing these days.

He signed up for unemployment and that process went amazingly smooth. I thought we would be dealing with that for months. But, nope. Just a click away on the internet and you, too, can get a portion of your previous salary for up to 6 months.

Things have been a bit tense, but are starting to cool down. We've got the financials together. Unfortunately, the exterior house painting we've been saving up for and already put a deposit down for and sorely need, will have to be put off for now. Which is a bummer, because we got a really good deal.

We'll be okay.

Comcast ripped us off again. Big surprise. We had worked ourselves into a special introductory rate last year that included 2 free movie channels. That expires May 1st. So I called to cancel the movie channels because I didn't want my bill to jump up $40. Which it would have done. But, because the introductory offer expired, it was going up even after I canceled the movie channels. Hooray. I get to pay more for less! So I went for the next deal. Channels 1-99. For $10 cheaper. Now, I don't watch very many cable channels, so I'm not missing much losing 100 other channels. I save $10, but lose all of that and that pisses me off. They are such bastards.

Speaking of bastards, American Idol voted off TWO people this week. Yes, TWO people! It was OUTRAGEOUS! Anoop and Lil went home. Though I will miss Anoop, Lil could not get off my TV quick enough. Ugh, she totally bugged. And that girl could not sing at all. Pillows went over my ears as soon as she opened her mouth. She was painful to listen to. I'm fully on the Kris Allen train now. I was hesitant at first because I heard he was a God Squad crusader, but he seems harmless and he has a nice voice and he plays instruments and he reworks songs and, well, just look at him:

He's adorable! What a darling.

I mean, how could anybody vote for this:

When you have this:

Oh, that's right. Because this:

Sings "Endless Love" to his dead wife. People are very strange.

This was also the week Susan Boyle entered our lives. I was pleased at first, now I am sad. The entertainment blogs keep popping up with new pictures of her getting all made up and redesigned. So even though we all learned our lesson of not judging a book by it's cover and that when someone can actually really truly sing, people will listen and they will like it, we still feel the need to make her "pretty". Not that she shouldn't take advantage of this new found fame and try to better herself, but I assume she's trying to turn this into a career and the fact that she still feels she needs to (or that people are telling her to) tweeze her eyebrows and color her hair, well, that's kind of ironic, isn't it? And, really, is it that surprising that an unattractive person can sing? Why would anyone assume that someone has to be good looking to have a nice voice. What does one do with the other?

And let me just say that I also see the irony in pointing out Kris Allen's adorableness and how everyone should vote for him and not Danny and then saying that people shouldn't try to make Susan pretty to further her career. I only posted pictures because I think Danny's douchness really comes through in pictures and I just needed to get that across. Kris does have a great voice and a good personality, too. Danny has neither of those things. He's just a douche with a dead wife.

Lost was a clip show all about the Oceanic 6 this week (which is why I did not write a recap) and although they said it would be from a "new perspective", I saw nothing new. I was totally roped into watching a clip show. And in my need for weekly doses of all things Lost, I came upon some end of seasons spoilers that I am incredibly angry at myself for reading and I can only hope they are wrong. I will not spoil you, because that would be cruel. So, I'll just leave it at that. Next week looks good, though. Desmond/Faraday centric. Yum.

In other good news, I joined a fantasy baseball league this year. I can't recall if I've already mentioned that and I'm too lazy to check. But, I am currently 2-0 and have the most points in the league. So that's awesome. Ian Kinsler is my hero.

And lastly, I want nothing more than the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, but I've been putting it off because it doesn't fit in the budget. Well, screw it. I'm buying it this weekend. I can't wait anymore.

Oh, and as for music, everyone needs to buy The Killers latest album. God Damn! Is it awesome! So fucking good. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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