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Lost Episode 13, "Some Like It Hoth"

Right away, if you are any sort of proper geek, you will notice that the episode title has a Star Wars reference. And so does the episode, done in a very Hurley way. Which I will get to in a bit.

But last night, the focus was on Miles, our "I hear dead people" freighter freak. We found out that Miles has had this gift ever since he was a young child and he and his mother were looking into renting a run down apartment when Miles hears one of the neighbors, who was already dead on the floor from a heart attack, calling out to his dead wife. This causes some strange looks from his mother, who has now been confirmed as Dr. Pierre Chang's (Marvin Candle, Edgar Halliwax) wife from the episode a while ago where they show the baby in the crib in the Dharma Initiative. We also now know that Miles was born on The Island, though he didn't stay long. Miles's mom left The Island with her son for reasons unknown when Miles was a small child.

Miles grew up thinking his dad was a jerk for disowning he and his mother, which is what his mother told him. This hurt him so much, that as a teenager he sported some kickass piercings and a gnarly mohawk. He stopped talking to his mother at some point until she was dying of something ( I assume was cancer, but could be something else entirely. She did live on The Island). He didn't go back to make amends with her, though. He just wanted to know about his father and where he was from. His mom said he lived somewhere he can never go and that he is dead. Which is pretty much the truth.

As an adult, Miles makes his money speaking on the behalf of dead people. This draws the attention of a Mr. Charles Widmore. He sends that Naomi chick from the freighter to recruit him. She tells Miles that Widmore will pay him 1.6 million dollars if he will join them on their mission to go to this mysterious island to find Benjamin Linus. Miles, a sucker for millions of dollars, agrees to go along.

Later on, Miles is off grabbing himself a taco dinner, when a black van pulls up next to him. In the passenger seat is that guy that used to be on October Road, but is now one of the new plane crash survivors on the smaller island. So, I guess this means that he will be a bigger character. Dammit. He and his goons grab Miles and tell him not to work for Widmore and to join them instead. They spew some more crap about what lies in the shadow of the statue and I hope this isn't turning into a catchphrase like Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. Lost does not need catchphrases. Miles says he will do it, but only for double the money - 3.2 million dollars. Now, remember back when the freighter people first got to the island and Miles told Ben that he would lie to Widmore for 3.2 million dollars? Yeah, I don't know what it means either. The black van driving dudes tell him no way and they toss him out of the van and that is how Miles ended up on the freighter.

So now, while Sawyer Jim James LaFluer is out trying to find Sayid/cover up his trail of giving Ben to the Hostiles, Miles is in charge of security back on 1977 Dharma island. Sawyer calls him and asks him to destroy the security footage from earlier that shows he and Kate with Broken Boy Ben. Miles is just about to do it, when Horace comes down with his panties in a bunch yelling for Sawyer. Since Sawyer is gone, Horace invites Miles into the "Circle of Trust" and asks him to deliver a package to and pick up a package from Radzinsky NO QUESTIONS ASK. So, what does Miles do, he asks a question. Horace tells him to shut up and sends him on his way.

Miles meets up with Radzinksy in the middle of the road somewhere. Radzinksy and two goons bring a body bag up and shove it in the van. Of course, Miles asks a question and Radzinksy tells him to get lost. So, Miles heads back to camp and Horace tells him to bring the body to Dr. Chang (duh duh duhhhhhhh) at the Orchid. He goes to pick up the van and finds out that Hurley has already checked it out. Hurley is loading up sandwiches to bring to the crew who are building The Orchid. Hurley suggests just riding together and, after a good argument from Hurley about saving the earth by carpooling, Miles agrees to let him ride with him.

It's a pleasant ride at first. Miles is driving while Hurley writes in his journal. But then Hurley smells something rank. He discovers the dead body in the back and starts asking a bunch of questions because Hurley is always good for that. Miles (because he talks to dead people) tells him that the man was working in a ditch thinking about his girlfriend when the filling in his tooth was pulled from out tooth and shot into his brain. Then he died. Hurley asks how he knows what the guy was thinking. Miles tries to side step the subject, but then Hurley tells him he talks to dead people, too. He even plays chess with them. Miles explains that he doesn't talk to them, he can just sense what happened because the brain is dead so they can't have conversations. But Hurely isn't listening anymore because they've stopped by the original hatch, or at least the people building it. How does he know this? Because one of the workers asked what the numbers are to be branded on the door. And what are they? 4 18 15 16 23 42. I'm assuming that the dead guy was working on this hatch when his filling came out maybe due to the magnetic pull that the hatch holds?

They move on and make their way to The Orchid. Dr. Chang "greets" them and gives Miles crap for bringing Hurley along. Dr. Chang makes Hurley promise not to tell about the body or he will end up working in the polar bear cages cleaning up their crap. He steps away for just long enough for Miles to tell Hurley that Chang is his dad. How does he know this? Because the day before, his mom got in line behind him at lunch. I guess he assumes since there are no other Asian people on The Island (besides Jin) that that must mean Chang is his dad? Whatevs. Hurley asks more questions about their relationship and Miles (at first) says he doesn't want to talk about it, but then reiterates all the stuff his mom told him about his dad. Hurley thinks Miles should try to build a relationship now. But, Miles isn't having it.

Dr. Chang asks for a ride back and they agree to give him one. On the way back, Hurley presses Chang about his family life to the annoyance of Miles. We learn that Chang is married and has a 3 month old son named Miles (of course). Hurley asks if adult Miles and Chang know each other. Miles explains they don't hang in the same circles. Hurley suggests the three of them go out for a beer sometime. I love Hurley. He's so earnest and real.

That conversation goes on for a bit and they drop off the Doctor. Hurley continues to bug Miles about his relationship with his dad until Miles is so pissed he stops the car and grabs the journal Hurley has been scribbling in. It turns out Hurley has been writing the script for Empire Strikes Back. He's seen it so many times and since it's 1977 and Star Wars was just released he assumes George Lucas is looking for help writing the sequel and Hurley wants to be the one to help him. He's also made a few minor improvements to the script. I would love to know what those are. He also makes some comparisons about Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader's relationship and Miles' and his dads'. See, Hurley is the best! Love him!

Later that night when they are back at camp, Miles wanders over to Dr. Chang's house and sees (through the window) the Dr. reading a baby Miles a story. He looks every bit the loving father. You can see the hurt on Adult Miles' face. But, is it weird to anyone else that he can see himself without bad things happening? Or have I just seen too many Back to the Futures?

As he walks away, the Dr. comes out and asks for Miles' help bringing in some new recruits. They head to the sub and who is getting out? Daniel Faraday!!!! Where have you been???? He and Miles say hello and that's it.
Oh, crap, that's right.

There was also a subplot with Kate and Roger Workman. Kate tries to comfort a sad Roger who is drinking himself into a stupor after finding out Ben was kidnapped. Because Kate is a terrible liar, he begins to suspect she was involved (which she was). He confronts Jack about it while they are both cleaning up a classroom. Jack tells him Kate is a good person and that Roger is just a little drunk and reading too much into things.

Later Jack heads to Sawyers to give him a heads up that Roger is suspicious of Kate. Jack then leaves and one of Sawyer's security guys shows up with the security tape incriminating Kate and Sawyer in Ben's abduction. Sawyer brings the guy inside and knocks him out. Then asks Juliette to "get some rope".

Now, back to Faraday. Where has he been????? We saw that at some point he ends up working on The Orchid. But how did he end up off island on the submarine? Is he not a new recruit and just a worker who got a weekend pass off island and is now returning? He is the Present Time Faraday because he knows Miles. What has he been up to???? He seemed strangely confidant.

I'm also terribly sad for Sawyer and Juliette in that their peaceful little existence in 1977 is being destroyed all because of stupid stupid Kate. I can't blame this one on Jack because he is just along for the ride and not getting in the way. Stupid Kate.

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