Monday, April 6, 2009

Britney, Bikes, Bugs, and Baseball

Another Monday morning is here. It's the first full week of April and it is still cold out and there is new snow on the ground. Most of it has melted, but it is there with more expected to come. Winter really needs to end.

I went to the big Britney Spears show on Friday night. A co-worker of mine is friends with someone who works for one of the promoters. We scored tickets in a suite. They were great seats.

The show was exactly what I thought it would be. A huge circus-like spectacle. There were contoritionists, acrobats, little people, people falling from the ceiling, fire, cages, was visually stunning. Britney lipsynced to remixed versions of her songs. She did most of her hits. "Circus", "Toxic", "Womanizer", "Baby One More Time", "Everytime", "I'm A Slave 4 U". Sh strutted around the stage in barely there outfits. We decided about half way through that there was a good chance that Britney wasn't even there. They could have thrown a wig on one of the dancers and we'd have no idea. But it wouldn't have mattered. It was still a fun show.

Saturday night we headed over to Artcrank. An art show for bicycle lovers. It was not what we expected. It was incredibly crowded and the art was just poster art. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I was just expecting weird sculptures made out of bike parts or something.

I had strange dreams about creepy bugs last night. After looking online this morning, that apparently means that something is "bugging" me. I guess that makes sense. There are plenty of things bugging me at all times.

What's not bugging me is that baseball is back! Summmer really feels like it's just around the corner now. I joined a fantasy baseball league this year and I'm super excited to see how that works out. I can't wait to hear Dick and Bert on the tv tonight and see my Minnesota Twins have their last home opener in the Metrodome. Next year, this time, Minnesota will have outdoor baseball. Hard to believe.

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