Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost Episode 11, "Whatever Happened, Happened"

When I first got word that this was a Kate episode, I lowered my expectation down to the basement and prepared myself for the worst. Kate's episodes always consist of Kate being mopey and pining over some guy who has ditched her for someone so much better. Then she does something illegal. That's it. That's a Kate episode.

So, imagine my surprise that by the end of tonight's episode I dared to declare it possibly the best episode of the season thus far! Because, yes, even though it was a Kate episode, she was really just a vehicle for so much more. And unlike most character specific episodes, it did not fully focus on her - and that's really all I can ask for on this crazy ass show.

So let's begin.

We open where we left off last week and I am already a million times happier with this episode because we are not starting with Kate in a Kate episode.

Jin is waking up from his Sayid beat down and finds young Ben shot. He rolls him over and Ben is still alive! But, really, did we have any doubt? He could never be dead. If he died the world would explode from paradoxes and we just can't have that on prime time television. So, Jin throws him in the Dharma van to take him back to camp where a search team is being thrown together by weird little Horace to try to find escaped prisoner Sayid.

Horace really is a funny looking little guy, isn't he? He reminds me so much of someone and I just can't place it. It drives me crazy every time he is on screen.

Ahh, and here's Kate moping in the background as usual. How dare no one pay any attention to her! She is Kate! Look at her man arms and gorgeous hair! (she really does have gorgeous hair). But wait. Who is this? A man alone in need of assistance? Here's Kate to the rescue! The man is Roger "Workman" Linus, or Ben's dad. He is trying to pull the now un-flaming Dharma van out of the Dharma hut. He asks Kate to grab the wench. She doesn't know what that is. I'm all, really, Kate? I would think you would be pretty familiar with what a wench is.
Roger is obviously taken with our PreciousKate right away, because how could he not, right? It's Kate! Kate, obviously in need of some attention, seems flattered by this. But then again, she's Kate!

Jin pulls up with Broken Boy Ben. Kate goes on about how he's a kid and is very concerned because Kate is a mother now, didn't ya know?

Uh-oh. Flashback/forward time!

Kate pulls into the driveway of some random house with her gorgeous hair paying tribute to the movie Heathers. A big red scrunchie? Can you still buy those? She gets baby Aaron out of the backseat and now we know that this takes place shortly after they return from The Island. She sings to him as they approach the door and knock. Hey! It's Cassidy's house! Who is Cassidy you ask? Well, she is the woman that Sawyer conned and fell in love with and then impregnated and she had a baby named Clementine that Sawyer never saw. Oh, and one time, she was trying to pull a con and randomly Kate showed up because everyone's paths have crossed at some point and Kate helped her out a bit. So, because of this random meeting a long time ago, Cassidy totally remembers Kate and is super happy to see her and not all weirded out about why this random woman is on her doorstep.

She invites Kate in and Kate tells her the whole truth about the crash. It turns out before Sawyer jumped from the helicopter, he asked Kate to look after his daughter Clementine. I'm fairly certain we had all guess that already. Cassidy asks if Aaron is also Sawyer's baby. She says no and then Cassidy totally figures out that he's not Kate's baby either. Kate confirms this and it's all kind of boring because we know all of this already.

Back on the island...

Kate waltzes into the security room where Jim James Sawyer LeFluer is looking over security footage trying to find Sayid. He tells her to scram because she is going to ruin everything and she gets all demanding like she is so fucking important that she should be included on everything like she always has done. Then weird little Horace walks in and everything is almost ruined but then Sawyer covers and Kate leaves and Sawyer and Horace check out Sayid's cage. They find a set of janitor's keys and are now certain that someone from the inside helped him escape. Since Jack is a janitor (hee hee!) and new to the Dharma Initiative, Sawyer says he will keep him and his co-horts (Kate and Hurley) under house arrest until they find Sayid.

Meanwhile, everyone has accepted Juliette's turn from mechanic to surgeon and she is trying to operate on Broken Boy Ben but he has sprung a bloody leak she can't find and needs a real surgeon. Hey! I know where one is! And so does Sawyer. He heads to Jack's place where he is being held with Kate and Hurley.

Miles is holding them slightly captive. He says they can leave but he will shoot them in the leg if they do. Hurley is staring at his hand and I know he is going to make a Back to the Future reference...and he does! He is waiting for himself to disappear because if Ben dies then they can never have been brought back to The Island and they will all cease to exist and I fucking Love Hurley! Thank you, Hurley and the Writers for saying this! Awesome! Miles tries to explain to Hurley that "whatever happened, happened" and that Ben can't die because he never died in the past and all of this already happened and that Sayid always shot him. This confuses Hurley and everybody and Miles keeps trying. He says that they can die (meaning the O6 and the LeftBehinders) because this is their present. But the Dharma folk can't die if they never did because this is their past and everything that is happening has already happened to them. I'm finally starting to get it and I feel bad for Miles because I've been in this situation before. You know, when you are supposed to be the expert on something that is totally confusing. Or maybe not confusing but just hard to explain. And you have to keep explaining it and going about it different ways until you yourself suddenly are doubting what you're saying. I hate that. And then just when I finally get it and Miles thinks Hurley gets it, Hurley asks the dreaded question that is on all of our minds and the one thing that ruins this little time travel story line: If Sayid always shot Ben as a child, and Ben always lives, then why doesn't Ben remember Sayid when Sayid is torturing him in the hatch? And there is is. Miles is officially stumped and so are we.

Sawyer bursts in to interrupt this little Answer Fest and asks Jack to come operate on Broken Boy Ben. Jack refuses. It's not "his purpose". He says that if Ben is meant to live, then he will without Jack's help. Now, this reminds of that old tale about the guy stuck on his roof during the flood and people keep coming up to him trying to help him and he says "god will help him" and then in the end, god says that was me trying to help you, idiot! Well, it's like that with Jack. Let's see, Jack is fated to be on the island. Jack is surgeon. Ben needs a surgeon to ensure that the universe doesn't explode. Jack says it's not what he is meant for. How much more fated does that sound?!??! God dammit, Jack, you piss me off!!!!

Kate gets in his face and calls him a jerk and Jack tries to make her feel sorry for him and she won't have it and then she says she doesn't like the new Jack and he says that she never liked the old Jack either and that's awesome. She storms off because that's what she does.

Kate goes to give Ben some of her blood. She's a universal donor. As she's giving blood, Roger Workman comes in and they sit and chat and Kate loves it and totally wants to have Dharma babies with him. Roger is showing all kinds of regret for being a shitty dad and about how Ben's mom died in childbirth and you can see Kate's thoughts and how she is relating Aaron to Ben and Ben's mom to Claire and then Ben starts having seizures and they make Roger leave. When they get Ben sedated, Juliette says if Jack won't help maybe The Others will. They come up with a plan to get Ben to The Others. Kate says great idea and then refuses any help from Juliette. Juliette tells her she will have to tattle when asked her Broken Boy Ben is, but she will give her a head start.

Flashback time!

We are back on the pier now with Kate's perspective of what went down that night Jack tried to get her to come back. She freaks out and says she's not going back and she and Aaron leave. Aaron is thirsty and wants some milk, so they head to the grocery store. When they get there, he changes his mind to a juicebox and Kate looks so frustrated and I am reminded of why I never want children. She gets a call on her cell, it's Jack. She doesn't answer. Then Aaron disappears. She gets frantic and finally sees him being led away by a woman who looks a lot like Claire from the back. She goes to grab him and of course it's not Claire, just a woman who saw Aaron standing there and thought he was lost.

Kate heads to Cassidy's who, after three years, has become her BFF. She tells her about what happened at the grocery store and how she was somewhat unphased because she always expects Aaron to be taken from her and Cassidy gives her some psychobabble about how it's because she took Aaron from somebody and how Aaron represents Sawyer and so much other shit.

Back on The Island...

Kate is in the van with Broken Boy Ben and they come across the sonic fence. She gets out and sees another Dharma van approaching. Kate's all "busted!" Sawyer's all, "I'm here to help." Kate starts to swoon and he tells her to hold it, he's really doing because Juliette says it's the right thing to do and bam! Kate is heartbroken. HA! Suck it, Kate. Now do you see why this episode is so awesome? Oh, and Ben is laying in the back bleeding to death while they have this very important conversation.

Meanwhile, Juliette heads over to Jack's cabin. He is conveniently in the shower. She barges in just as he is getting out. Hey look! There's his tattoos! Remember back when Lost didn't know what it was doing and we had a whole episode devoted to those things? Those were sad times. Juliette yells at him for not helping Ben and Jack goes on about his destiny and how he came back to help them and Juliette (looking heavily botoxed) tells him they didn't need saving and were perfectly happy living in 1977. I'm just relieved that she didn't go there to make out with him, especially after Sawyer is proving he is over Kate and oh, god I am not supposed to care about this stupid little love square.

Kate and Sawyer are dragging Ben through the jungle to find The Others/Hostiles/Whatevers. Kate is telling Sawyer about Clementine and Sawyer is still telling Kate he doesn't love her and that they never would have worked out when The Others appear with guns drawn. Sawyer demands they take him to Richard to help save Ben.

Another Flashback...

Kate shows up at Claire's mom's hotel room. Kate tells her the truth about her daughter Clairahhhh and her baaaayyyybeeee Aaron. She says Claire is still alive and on The Island. But, is she really? Are you sure about that, Kate? You've already toyed with this woman's emotions enough. Kate tells her she has to leave and that Aaron is waiting for her and she can have him. So, I guess we are supposed to deduct that Kate only went back to the island to find Claire so Aaron can be with his real mom.

Kate returns to her hotel room where Aaron is sleeping. In a very touching scene (seriously) she says goodbye to a sleeping Aaron. God dammit again Kate made me cry!!! I was tearing up watching this. I should be happy for Kate's misery. Maybe I was really crying for Aaron. Yes, that's it. Speaking of which, Kate then walks out of the hotel and leaves Aaron all alone. WTF? Bad mom!

Back on The Island...

Richard shows up and agrees to take Ben and save him. But he just wants them to know that Ben will never be the same. He won't remember any of this. He will now always be an Other. And now we have the answer to Hurley's question. Ben doesn't remember Sayid because of whatever Richard is about to do to him. One of the other Others whispers something to Richard about "are you sure about this" and "ask Ellie" and "let Widmore find him". At least, that's what I heard. Richard says yes he is sure and starts to walk away. Kate then demands to know where they are going, but Richard just leaves because he is awesome. We then see him bring Ben to the Temple. And I am so excited! This show is so awesome!!!

Now we end up back in the future where Locke and Ben and Sun and Frank and those people are. Adult Ben is lying in his hospital bed after the oar to the head from Sun. Someone is sitting in a chair staring at him. He slowly wakes up and sees that it is Locke. He looks horrified. Ben actually looks scared. Locke says, "Welcome back to the land of the living." Bens eyes widen in horror. Locke smiles.
The end.

God, it was awesome.

Next week looks like it will be Adult Ben and the Temple of Doom. Should be good.

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