Monday, August 24, 2015

Como Dockside 8-22-15

Shows! Shows! Shows! They just keep happening! It's wonderful. I love it!

Our show at Como Dockside was an interesting one. First, the venue is beautiful and the view from the stage is breathtaking.

But, the weather did not participate. It rained. The wind was insane. And there was a tornado watch. Luckily, even thought it's an outdoor show, both the stage and the seating are underneath a covered pavilion so were able to stay dry during the rain and wind and thunder that happened that evening and the worst of the storm didn't happen until right after our set. Still, the wind was brutal. It whipped through the pavilion the whole time, blowing my hair into my mouth as I sang, which made singing somewhat difficult.

It was a 90 minute set and I had thought about bringing both my acoustic and electric to mix things up a bit as the stage was definitely big enough to hold all of us and then some...

 But, last minute, I decided to just bring the electric and well, that turned out to be a bad idea as, towards the end of the set (we had 4 songs left) I broke a string and was completely unprepared to remedy that. Lesson learned. We had to take a short break while I tried to restring it with the string that was there, but it was too broke and wouldn't work. We managed to play 2 more songs without me on guitar before having to call it quits as the rest of the set just didn't make sense without my guitar.

Even with all that, it was a lot of fun to play with the whole band on such a big stage. People came out even with the weather (thank goodness!) and we got to play a ton of songs. I hope we can play there again some day under better weather.

Set List for Como Dockside 8-22-15
  • For the Time Being
  • Lens
  • Car
  • Good to Know
  • The Reminder
  • Reactor
  • I Wanna Know
  • Float
  • Blind
  • A Story
  • Running 
  • The Party
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steal
  • Daughter
  • Introvert
  • Adore (Partial at first as this is when my string broke. Then we came back and played it without me on guitar)
  • When You Were Mine (Prince cover)
  • Safety Mode (played the best I could with missing string)

Songs on the set list we didn't get to play due to missing string: "Here" and "Yesterday".

We're back at the 331 Club tomorrow night (8/25) for the last show of the residency! August has flown by. Eric Fifteene of Party of One and Davis III (Shawn's band) are joining us. Come on down!

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