Monday, August 17, 2015

331 Club Residency Night #2 8-11-15

Eek! We've got night 3 of our residency happening tomorrow and I haven't talked about night 2 yet!

We were a 4 piece this time as Colleen and Laura both had vacations planned for this week. It's still weird to me to play a lot of the new songs without them as their voices just make the songs complete (in my opinion). So we pulled out a bunch of old songs. Which is always fun. I miss playing a lot of those songs.

J.W. Schuller opened the night playing an entertaining solo set on his magical folding guitar. Seriously, the guitar folds in half at the neck so it can basically fit into a backpack. Considering how I'm always worried about my guitars slipping out of tune, I can't imagine the care and confidence that goes into playing a guitar that folds in half.


Wowsville closed out the night with a really fun set. They have a drummer now and it really added to their vibe. Loved them.


Set list for 331 Club 8-11-15
  • Running
  • The Reminder
  • The Party
  • Blind
  • Float
  • Here
  • Daughter
  • Lens
  • Introvert
  • Adore
 And, as I said above, we're back at the 331 again tomorrow!

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