Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I Love Right Now

1. Beyonce "Drunk in Love"
This whole new Beyonce album that she released by surprise at the end of the 2013 is amazing. I don't even know why. It just is. It's powerful, different, dirty, intelligent, amazing to dance around to, really has everything. But this particular track has Jay-Z and Beyonce together going on about how much they love each other and it is my current favorite thing. I listen to it on repeat in the car. It's stuck in my brain.

2. The Return of Sherlock
I love this show so much. It goes far beyond Benedict Cumberbatch (though, really, he is awesome and is the show). Martin Freeman, the utterly delightful head writer Mark Gatiss who also plays Sherlock's mysterious older brother Mycroft Holmes, Lestrade, Anderson, MRS. HUDSON and MOLLY HOOPER (LOVE THEM), and now the wonderful addition of Amanda Abbington as Watson's fiance Mary....the cast is just incredible. The stories are smart and funny. But the wait between series is excruciating, but also totally worth it. It's very sad to think that there are already only 2 more episodes of this new series before we get back to waiting for more for an undetermined amount of time. At least the dvds of this season are available almost immediately after the finale airs. I should really go pre-order them....

3. Beverly Hills 90210, Seasons 4 and 5 
For Christmas I got seasons 4 and 5 of Beverly Hills 90210. I've been waiting forever since I finished season 3. And just to be clear - it's not that I've never seen the show before, it's just it's one of my all-time favorites and I have been slowly collecting the dvds but they are so hard to find! Season 4 was on back-order though and I just finally got it this past weekend. They are starting college now. It is wonderful.

4. Lost Oddyssey
I've been talking a lot about this game on this blog lately because it is all I've been doing and it is taking forever because it is so massive. But I'm not complaing, though if you were in the room with me while I was playing you would probably think I hate it. "This is so stupid!" "Why are they doing this???" "GRRRRR". But I love it. It's highly entertaining and I will be very sad when it is over.

5. The Preatures "Is This How You Feel" and HAIM's "Don't Save Me"
I think for the longest time I thought these were the same song. But they're not. They both make me want to get up and dance, which these days seems to be a song requirement. So get up and dance.

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