Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Shut(In)

As everyone knows, it's very fucking cold in Minnesota right now. It's cold in most places right now, but the coldest here so we get to complain the loudest.

As of noon today, I hadn't left the house since my trip to the grocery store Saturday morning. Work has been allowing us all to work from home - which is great - but I have no excuse to leave now. I did bundle myself, put the jacket on the dog, and we walked up to the end of the block and back. That's been the height of excitement around here. For all of us.

Robbie in his jacket.

Robbie is going stir crazy. Serious cabin fever happening. He is constantly getting into things he shouldn't be and chewing on things he shouldn't be. He's normally such a good boy. But he's just so bored. I feel so bad for him.

I have taken up video games again. I broke out Lost Oddysessy. It's a massive turn based RPG of sorts. 4 discs long. It's quite the undertaking. I got to disc 3 the last time I tried playing it and then stopped because I found other things to distract me. I'm on disc 2 now. Gonna try to stick it out.

Otherwise I have been doing nothing. Our offices actually closed due to the cold weather yesterday so I only worked on a couple of must get done things yesterday and then spent the rest of the day with the Xbox. Today, I worked from home which has helped pass the time and bring back into the real world.

As much as I like being home, I am so ready to get out of the house again. Things are having difficulty here. Namely, we are having plumbing problems again and I fear another massively expensive undertaking. It also makes me fearful of using any water in the house for fear it will end up on the basement floor.

I also just need to get out. I have eaten more food in the past week than I did at all through the holidays. Just eating and eating and eating because I'm so bored. It's terrible. I'm breaking out. Blech.

On the flip side, I have a show on Friday at Acadia. 9:30pm. A Friday night show and we play first. That doesn't happen very often. Really looking forward to it.

My song "Thursday" was played as the backdrop for a segment on Sunday's new episode of MN Original on TPT. So that was cool.

Sunday was also the premiere of Downton Abbey. I like Downton Abbey, but I also could not watch it anymore and be fine. It's just kind of there. So many characters and so little time to truly explore them all.

Community returned last Thursday and was awesome and I am so happy it was awesome.

And in two weeks Sherlock returns after two years of waiting. These last few weeks are torturous as it has already premiered in the UK and I have to work really hard at avoiding spoilers. Cannot wait.

We're supposed to hit 30 degrees on Friday. It's gonna feel tropical. I am very excited to take Robbie on all of the walks this weekend.

But, until then, I'll just keep shivering.

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