Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frozen Shut(In) Part 2

It's like, whenever I really want to get back into blogging again, nothing ever happens worth blogging about. Right now, I blame it mostly on this awful winter funk I am in. Cold and snow and cold and snow and OMG I am not leaving the house unless I absolutely have to.

 The only fun thing about winter is seeing all of the animal tracks around the yard.

There have been things I've really wanted to do and have had every intention of doing only to find myself thinking of every excuse in the book to not leave the house.

It doesn't help that I've taken on a new massive video game (Lost Odyssey - check it out - it rules) and received my back-ordered Christmas present of Beverly Hills 90210 Season 4 over the weekend - which means I now have 2 full seasons of many many episodes of this show that I am excited to watch.

Then, topping that off, all of my television shows - which, honestly, there are not that many - have come back or will be back soon. Community, Downton Abbey, and the Grandmaster of them all: Sherlock. Also, The Walking Dead comes back Feb. 2nd. So I'm screwed.

There have been so many shows that I've wanted to go to that I just can't pull myself out of this funk to attend.

There are two happening tomorrow night. I really really want to make it happen. But, we'll see what happens.

This inability to get out there and support these bands that I enjoy filled with people I like angers me doubly so since I know how it feels to have a show and have people send you a million excuses why they can't make it that night. I hate letting the weather win. It's just weather. It's just cold. I have a winter coat. These shows are indoors. Live music is something I enjoy. What is my problem?

Part of me blames the holidays. They really threw me off my game. I think I had just too much time off with nothing to do. It wasn't like I was on a real vacation. It was just sitting at home. And it was so cold out that leaving was impossible. So I got really used to sitting at home. And I hate that. Before the holidays hit, I was going all the time - even by myself! So what happened?

I was reading this article today on why we don't do the things we love and it really rang true. So many excuses that we make for so many reasons. I can equate this to so many aspects of my life. You can always find a reason not to do something - but what's really at the heart of that? Especially when it's something you really want to do?

I also think I get a little too overly contemplative this time of year because I'm not doing anything else. I definitely felt better about myself and things in general when I was out being active. I just need to get back to that.

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