Monday, February 11, 2013

The 2013 Grammy Awards

Good morning. I hope it’s a good morning for you. Mine has been rather pitiful. Oddly it has nothing to do with being up late watching those Grammy awards. More along the lines of I have exactly 2 pairs of pants in my wardrobe and they are both falling apart and coming to the realization that I have absolutely nothing to wear to work the rest of the week. Like, for reals. Like, not even overreacting.

I’m also seriously hating this weather. I think I’m getting a little S.A.D. I just want to see grass again. So does Robbie. This is him sadly looking out the window as the snow fell yesterday:

But I did watch The Grammys last night. All of them. Every last performance and acceptance speech and awkward silences after LL Cool J said something.  I haven’t been invested in The Grammys since the grunge era, but I still feel I must watch.

And, I must be old, because I just don’t get it anymore.

Granted, The Grammys have never actually been about what’s really good in music right now. There are exceptions, though. I assume they get pop music right with Adele and Kelly Clarkson. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there are underground pop stars not getting their due. Of course then they woudn’t be pop stars.

I just think about my Favorite Albums of 2012 and am floored that Sharon Van Etten’s Tramp was not nominated for album of the year. It’s a stunning album. And it seems like it would be right up the Grammys’ alley.

Fiona Apple was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album, but lost to Gotye (who also won Record of the Year for that song where he does the Sting impersonation).

Frank Ocean did beat Chris Brown – which was maybe The Grammys way of apologizing for giving that awful human so much screen time last year. Then Frank Ocean went and screwed it all up by singing a song about Forrest Gump. For reals. Forrest Gump. What I thought was odd was everyone on the Twitter freaking out about it, too. But I guess I assumed the song was on his album that EVERYBODY claimed to have bought and LOVED and OMG IT IS THE GREATEST ALBUM EVER!!! And a quick Google search tells me that it is indeed on the album…so did anyone actually listen to this album or just did they just like the one single and assume he was the greatest thing to happen to the music scene?

The other nominee in that category was a guy named Miguel. I had never heard of him before, but he performed last night and it was the only performance of the night that I actually turned my TV up. So I might check him out.

I had to mute the TV for Mumford and Sons. 

That song – which shall go unnamed because saying it aloud automatically staples it to my brain – is pretty much the worst thing in my life right now – and that’s saying something. The Mumfords also won Album of the Year. So, maybe now they will take a break and get out of my life. They are inescapable….the definition of overplayed. It’s best for everyone involved if they take a break for a while. Maybe try to write a song that doesn’t start out quiet and then rapidly build to speed bluegrass. Speed bluegrass. That’s a thing now.

Sidenote: I have a banjo. I even wrote a song on it recently. But I am going to redo the song because Mumford and Sons have killed the banjo for me.

Wow. I sound pretty bitter, don’t I?

I didn’t hate it all. I’m so happy Kelly Clarkson won and we got to hear her sing. I just love her. She’s the best. And so adorable and honest. Her speech was just so earnest.

Beyonce and Ellen introducing Justin Timberlake were also adorable. And Justin put on an excellent performance – as he always does. And then Jay-Z joined him on stage and Jay-Z is The Coolest Person EVER, so that was good.

I was enjoying LL Cool J and Chuck D’s closing song, but then they through advertisements over it and that was just gross. Especially since they were attempting to pay tribute to MCA.

And the country singers were fine and unoffensive as usual.

Oh, and Jack White. Jack White was awesome. I need to put that album on my get list.

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