Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things That Have Happened

1.  I've been uploading new songs from my new upcoming album (Sea Salt) on my Bandcamp page every couple of days.  CD release party is on August 4th at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, MN. There is a link to the right over there that will take you to the Facebook event page. You should come. For reals.

2. I played a solo set at Acadia last Saturday. It was fun show as I got to play with two of my favorite local bands: The Broken Bicycles and French Films About Trains. It was also my last show until that CD release party I mentioned earlier. 

Setlist for Acadia 6-30-12
- Good
- The Party
- Can't Even Tell
- Easy to Blame
- Ramble Song
- Thursday
- Adore
- Minnesota
- Cast a Spell

3. I've had a cold this week and, as usual, it has completely taken over my life and made things generally sucky. Colds just get in the way of everything. I hate them.

4. During this cold, I have watched a lot of DVDs. I mean, a lot. Off the top of my head, the movies I've watched are: The Departed, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Shutter Island, Mystic River, Sherlock Series 2, Can't Buy Me Love, Old School, The Queen, Prime, season one of Grounded for Life and I'm currently half way through season two of Grounded for Life. I've spent a lot of time on the couch.

5. Yes, I like the show Grounded for Life.

6. I picked up a ton of new music recently: Regina Spektor's new one, Fiona Apple's new one, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelle's new one, The Ericksons, Bethany Larson and the Bee's Knees, Hope  Sandoval and the Warm Inventions...I love them all. New music just makes me so happy. Music in general makes me so happy. Cannot get enough.

I guess that's really it. Just a lot of little things and the waiting for August 4th. I get the physical CDs make this Friday. And then I just countdown the days and rehearse. We've got a dedicated drummer on board for this show, so Shawn doesn't have to go back and forth between guitar and drums. It's all very exciting. And it makes me so nervous!!! 


Is it time yet?

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