Monday, July 23, 2012


The title of this post has creeped into my lexicon and I cannot stop saying it. It’s from an internet meme that started somewhere I don’t even know. Another goofy phrase posted onto random pictures that, for whatever reason, makes me crack up every time. 

Then, over the weekend while have drinks with some friends, one of them brought it up and then we just didn’t stop and now it is so stuck in my brain that I found myself walking around the grocery store yesterday thinking and giggling to myself “ERMAHGERD AVECADERS! ERMAHGERD BENANERS!” I even found myself using it in a couple of conversations I had with people who had no idea what I was talking about. I need to cool it because I sound like a crazy lady.

Speaking of crazy, I kind of feel like I’m heading that route lately. I’ve just been so busy and so many things are buzzing through my brain at all times that I’m never quite sure what’s going on. There are some pretty important things that need to be dealt with, but I am so tunnel vision focused on the CD release show and album promotion that I can’t really deal with anything else. Mainly because it’s the one thing that has an obvious end date so I know that once the show has happened, I can move on to other things. So,  I’ve had to set those things aside, except they won’t just sit aside. Instead they are in my brain constantly poking me saying “Don’t forget! Don’t forget!”

I’ve got job decisions to make, bills to pay. I need to find a place to live.  My dad is suddenly falling a lot and hurting himself on a weekly basis and possibly living in a not safe environment.  My normally perfectly healthy nephew suddenly is having kidney failure. I’m quite certain I have some underlying health issues that I should probably address. My house is falling apart.

Each month, I tell myself I just have to get through this month and next month things will slow down and return to normal. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I was looking towards September, but now I might not have a job anymore then. Then I tell myself, well, if I’m not working I can get so many other things done. But, of course, I need a job because I need money and health insurance and just the general sense of worth that comes from being employed.




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