Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recording Day 11

Wow. I've been really sucking at this blogging thing lately. Writing has become...difficult. Inspiration is few and far between or comes at the wrong time. But what can you do?

Last Wednesday I went back to the studio for more vocal work. It went MUCH better than last time. I definitely need to stick with recording my vocals at night. My voice is much more warmed up and "used" and cooperative.

Two more songs are done! It's so exciting and yet so sad. I really enjoy recording and the whole process of building a song. I'm kind of bummed I'm almost done. But also super excited to share it with everyone. Next Saturday we go in and pretty much hammer down the rest of the instrumentation. Then it's just more vocals and some tinkering here and there to complete it.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to start a Kickstarter to pay for the mastering and pressing of the album. Not sure how to go about that and I am also worried that I won't get funded. What if no one pledges??? So embarrassing. I also really dislike asking people for things. But, I guess, really it's just pre-ordering the's not so bad.

And here's the third sneak peek! This song is the first song that was written for this album. I wrote it while practicing in my living room to prep for the CD release party of the last album. So it's been lingering around for a while waiting to be captured. It's called "Can't Even Tell".

 Can't Even Tell (snippet) by Niki Becker

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