Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Morning

How It Should Have Gone:

  • Woohoo! I don’t have to take the bus today! I get to sleep in a little and take my time before work!
  • Nice, long shower to wake myself up.
  • Browse the closet for something to wear
  • Pour myself a bowl of cereal and leisurely eat it while browsing Facebook and Twitter.
  • Blow dry my hair, maybe try to do something with it, put make-up on.
  • Head out the door and drive to Starbucks for some decent coffee for once.
  • Pull into the parking ramp and head into work awake and refreshed.

How It Went:

  • What do you mean it’s 7:45????
  • Jump in the shower for 3 minutes and kind of wash myself, I think. It was a blur.
  • Fuss with my contacts for way too long as they just. won’t. go. in.
  • Whip open my closet and throw on the one thing that I think will work.
  • Go to put on deodorant to notice the dress I’m wearing is broken. Somehow it lost its shape and turned into a sack and oh, great, there's another piece of clothing gone.
  • Find ribbon and tie it around waste for shape.
  • Blow dry my hair really quickly and manically brush it.
  • Smear make-up on my face.
  • Run to the bathroom, flush the toilet, toilet keeps running.
  • No time to wait for it to stop.
  • Grab my phone (thankfully I remembered it at the last minute) and run out the door.
  • Go to Super America and get a plain blah donut.
  • Eat donut in the car while racing through traffic to get to work.
  • Pull into ramp (5 minutes late) and work to squeeze myself into one of the incredibly narrow parking spaces.
  • Get to the office feeling slightly sweaty, incredibly tired, and pissy.
  • Go to the skyway convenience store and get my usual cup of burnt/bitter coffee.

Today has bad vibes written all over it. I don't like it.

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