Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Lost Thoughts

I'm a big Lost fan. And like all Lost fans, I have my own theories on the show. I'll be honest, I come up with a lot of theories while I watch, then I scour the internet the next day and see the much better theories out there and take a bit from them to piece it together myself.

Last Wednesday was the season 5 premiere and it did not disappoint. At the end of season 4 when it seemed time travel was going to be a part of the show, I was very nervous. It is always difficult to incorporate time travel to story telling. There are too many what ifs and contingencies that can happen to completely ruin the story. After watching the premiere, I'm feeling a bit better, though not 100% percent. It's still too early to tell where it's all going to go, but so far it looks like they have their bases covered.

Off Island:
I am already bored with most of the Oceanic 6 (or 5, do we really have to include Aaron? I know he's the Golden Child or whatever, but he should really just be included with Kate). I really thought Jack's constant whining would have stopped by season 5, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Kate is as dull as ever. Sun is close to intriguing - I do hope she really does blame Kate and is behind the lawyers who want a blood sample - but she's not quite there yet, unless the former turns out to be true. But if she really is just after Widmore and Ben (like everyone else) then blah. Who cares.

Sayid and Hurley together was pure hilarity, even though Sayid was passed out the entire time. Hurley always brings the goods and I find I enjoy his episodes the most. And Hurley's explanation to his mom about what really happened to them? Perfect. Exactly what every Lost fans sounds like when trying to explain the show to a new recruit.

I'm sad that Ben is stuck in scenes with Jack. I <3>

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