Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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I know I stated in my first post that this blog was just a holding place for my own thoughts and not meant for anything more, but as I wrote, I thought it would be cool if it became something more. But I've been finding it very difficult to keep up with. It's hard to come up with something every day. I just don't have the time. But I am dedicating myself to trying, even if it's the most inane and trite topics, I will write.

So, for starters, I need a haircut. It is embarrassingly bad. I get my haircut by my best friend, but I have to adhere to her schedule. This makes things difficult since she works, is doing an internship, and is in school. It's not like I can call her up on a Monday and make an appointment. It has to be when she is ready and willing. Fortunately, she does a heck of a job and only charges me $20. Unfortunately, I can end up going months between haircuts and am left looking like the shaggy dog I look like today. I've noticed people I see everyday starting to give me funny looks. Looks like, does she know how terrible she looks? Or, she must not think much of herself. And I do think much of myself, most of the time. I really hate walking around looking so trashy. But, my friend has agreed to cut my hair this Sunday, thank god. Now hopefully she is in a good mood and feels like being creative. Otherwise, she will just trim it up and I will look like crap again in a week.

I was on this big social kick towards the end of last year. I was going out a lot and enjoying it and having fun making new friends, but that seems to be falling by the wayside. I've skipped out on a lot of social events these past couple of weeks. My excuse has usually been that it is too cold, which it is. I heard on the radio this morning that it is the 29th day of below zero temperatures. It's hard to function when weather gets like this. Going outside becomes a big pain in the ass. You have to get bundled up to go warm up the car. For me this is an even bigger pain because our car is parked in our unattached, unheated garage. So, I have to throw on a ton of clothes, go grab the ice cold metal padlock to unlock the door, then open the garage door, back the car out, close the garage door, lock the padlock (which sticks and is really difficult), and then wait 10 minutes for the car to warm up. Then it's pile everything on again and drive to my destination where there is no place to park due to snow emergencies, wade through the snow, ruining my shoes, and freezing the whole time. I just end up thinking: it's not worth it and staying home.

Other reasons might be that the tv season has started up again. Lost is back - oh happy days! (more on that another time) American Idol has returned. Though I swore I would not watch again this year, I have found myself right back in it. I've never liked the audition rounds, but I'm intrigued by all of these "pros" that are coming through to audition and the possible scandals that can occur, which is exactly what the producers want, so I'm just incredibly gullible. I also really enjoyed last season, moreso than I should have and really liked some of the "artists" that have come out of last season, so I'm hoping this season proves to work the same way. I like the new judge when she is not trying to go up against Simon or when she is not trying to bond with Paula. I think she has very valuable criticism and advice to give when she's not acting like a two year old.Prison Break is not coming back unil April. I find this very upsetting. I miss it so much. It will also be the end of the series, which is fine. It needs to end. I'm just thankful they will conclude it and not just cancel it unresolved (knock on wood).

The Office is also back. I was excited about this until I saw the first two episodes upon it's return and became very disappointed. What happened to this show? I can't quite put my finger on why it is so bad now. Is it because Jim and Pam are together? I don't think so, because their story line was never the best part of the show for me. I think they've lost the ensembleness of the show. The show was always the best when they were in the office interacting with each other. It seems now they are too often offsite in smaller groups and that just doesn't work for me. I also think the romantic relationship potlines are killing the show. They dragged the Dwight/Angela/Andy plotline out for way too long. I guess they still kind of are dragging it out. I don't think anybody cared and really just ended up making them all out to be assholes. I also don't care for NEW! CONFIDENT! PAM! Give me jaded, demure Pam anyday.

My husband is in travel season and I miss him. It's odd how hard it is to reacquaint yourself with yourself and only yourself once you've lived with someone so long. When he first leaves, I go from immediate sadness to a sense of excitement. I can listen to the radio as loud as I want when I want, I get to watch whatever I want on tv. I can dance around the house, singing at top volume. Not that I can't do these things when he's home, just that it's not very fair to him. But after about a day these things lose their novelty and I just want my husband home. I hate going to bed alone. It's so quiet and cold. I miss having him right there to talk to when I see/read/hear something funny. I miss having him there to give a kiss or hug to, just because. I just miss him.

Well, that's all for now. I don't want to give it all away in one post. Because I know how intriguing my posts are. I'm sure you are all sitting there on the edge of your seats.

Stay tuned for my theories on Lost, why I think I'm being stalked, and my notes on Rock Band 2.

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