Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recording Day 6

Currently I'm in the midst of a very sleepy, fuzzy morning. I was recording vocals for the album last night and I didn't get home until a little after midnight. Then I spent the next hour just lying in bed, wide awake, thinking about what's left to do for the album, making up backing vocal arrangements, and just generally very excited and trying to come down off the creative high one gets after spending hours focused on a project that you are very passionate about.

Then I had to get up and come to work. The constant mental shift of active musician and office worker.

But enough about that.

I'd say the album is about 80% recorded. There are 12 songs total. 10 of them are almost complete - meaning they have all the basic instrumentation and the main vocal done. They just need the backing vocals and then any additional instrumental bells and whistles I decide to throw on. Of the remaining two, one has the instrumental track done - just need vocals - and the other is going to be recorded in one sitting.

Of course, once that's all done, there's mixing and mastering. But I can't think about that now.

It's to the point where the album is so close to being completely recorded. We are right near the finish line and I just want to get it done. But money is always a factor. Now I'm wondering, do I do a Kickstarter? I don't know if the mental stress that would place on my life - constantly watching it and worrying that no one will donate - would be worth it. But it might be necessary to get this done.

I'm just so excited about this album. It's definitely different than the last, but a very natural progression of sound. I want to share it with everyone!

In other news, Birthday Week rolls on. I was thrilled that last night went so well. It continues on the path of what has been a very good Birthday Week so far. Tomorrow is my actual birthday and I'm heading to the State Fair with two of my dearest friends. It is a tradition now that we go each year on the first day. It just so happens that it falls on my birthday this year. The weather may not cooperate. It could be wonderful, it could be horrible. Fingers crossed for a lovely day!

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