Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things I Love Right Now

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and everything I encounter is making me grumpier so I thought that this would be a good time to take a look at the things that I am actually enjoying right now - the things that are making me happy.

Focus on the positive, right?

1. My New Winter Coat
I finally got a winter coat a few weeks ago. I live in Minnesota and I haven't had a winter coat in two years. It is wonderful. It's from Old Navy - so it probably won't last past this winter - but it was only $40 so that's cool. It really is super warm and exactly what I wanted/needed.

2. Mazzy Star
Oh, it's been so nice to reacquaint myself with Mazzy Star again after seeing their show last month. They opened the show with the song "Look on Down From the Bridge" off of Among My Swan, which is an album I never got around to picking up back in the day, but this song is just lovely. Also, the first track off the new album, Seasons of Your Day, is pretty much the kind of song that I want to make a whole album of. Love it.

3. Trailers for the Return of My Two Favorite Shows Were Released
Facing the beginning of winter and knowing that there are still 6 months of this crap to go and you already can't stand it and feel like you're going crazy is difficult for everybody. So you have to try to find things that help you get through it. For me, I am super excited that January brings the return of both Community and Sherlock. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Also, Downton Abbey returns, and I will watch that, too, but with a bit less enthusiasm.

Anyway, it's obvious that the only way for Community to continue is to do what they are doing with Jeff Winger, though I can't imagine how the rest of the gang factors in.

As for Sherlock, the first 3 weeks of January are going to be so difficult as the show returns in the UK on New Year's Day and everyone will know the answer to the big cliffhanger from the last season (that was 2 years ago!!!) and I will have to stay off the internet so as not to be spoiled. Sigh. Stupid internet.


4. My Husband's Awesome Cooking
My husband has taken up cooking and baking and he is very good at it and I am very lucky. He's started making banana bread and corn bread (two of my favorites) almost on a weekly basis. Last weekend he made eggplant lasagna and it was delicious! This weekend he is going to make a homemade pizza. I am excited for all of the foods to come.

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