Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shuffle Selections

Here are the songs that played while I was at work today:

“Blank Slate” – The National
“Swear You Away” – Bomba de Luz
“Gold Star” – Tristen
“Arrest” – Andy Stochansky
“Gimme More” – Britney Spears
“Sprout and the Bean” – Joanna Newsom
“Fidelity” (Live in London) – Regina Spektor
“Tender” – Blur
“Asshole” – Rilo Kiley
“Origami” – Ani Difranco
“Man of the Hour” – Pearl Jam
“Walking Off Strong” – Caroline Smith
“Islands” – The White Whales
“Never Shine Sun” – Greg Brown
“Beast” – David Karsten Daniels
 “Muchacho’s Tune” – Phosphorescent
“Last Year” – Best Coast
 “Sun, Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction)” – Phosphorescent
“Friend of Mine” – The National
“The Good Times Are Killing Me” – Modest Mouse
“Instant Classic” – Erin McKeown
“Shooting Star” – Veronica Falls
“About Today” – The National
“Godspeed” – Jenny Lewis
“78% H2O”  (Official Bootleg: Hamburg, Germany 10.18.07) – Ani Difranco
“Beginning to See the Light” – The Velvet Underground
“Want It Back” – Amanda Palmer
“Daniel” – Veronica Falls
“Here She Comes Now” – The Velvet Underground
“How It Went Down” – Dark Dark Dark
“The Next Messiah” – Jenny Lewis
“Gone Daddy Gone” – Violent Femmes
“Hearse” – Ani Difranco
“All That I Know Is (I’m Your Baby)” – Caroline Smith
“Love Letters” – The White Whales
“Melody Dean” – Amanda Palmer
“Swandive” – Ani Difranco
“Pelican Bay” – Rilo Kiley
“Slow Show” – The National
“Almanac” – Volcano Choir
“Don’t Lie” – Vampire Weekend
“Lost” – Amanda Palmer
“Buried Alive” – Veronica Falls
“None of Your Business” – Salt-N-Peppa
“Pillar to Post” – French Films About Trains
“M.O.R.” – Blur
“Finger Back” – Vampire Weekend
“I Should Live in Salt” – The National
“Eternal Flame” – The Bangles
“Rock & Roll” – The Velvet Underground
“Monster” – Tristen
“ A Quick Peep” – Oasis
“June” – Bomba de Luz
“Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy” – Jack White
“Sea Lion Woman” – Feist
“On the Sea” – Beach House
“Tell Me” – Dark Dark Dark
"Broken Toy" - Veronica Falls
"Wedding Song" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Now That I'm Older" - Sufjan Stevens
"Burning Stars" - Mimicking Birds

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