Monday, July 1, 2013

Things I Love Right Now

I skipped this last month because I had a lot going on. But here goes for July:

1. Summer
Summer finally feels like it's here which means I get to sit and stare at this:

I never used to spend much time in my yard because my neighborhood was filled with little kids and it was just never all that peaceful...but now those kids are older and things are much more peaceful and I really find I enjoy sitting out there with a beer and just staring off into the distance.

2. Feist
 I cannot get enough of Feist these days. Each listen just burrows itself deeper in and I just want more more more! It's weird. There are some fantastic live videso on the YouTube...This is just one performance of one song (the whole show is out there, though):

3.Yeah Yeah Yeah's: Mosquito
My favorite album of the year so far (though probably my least favorite album cover ever). Still kicking myself because I got the dates wrong for their show here in Minneapolis. I thought it was the same night I had a show, but it was the night before. And I hear it was the show of the year. So whatever.

4. The White Whales
I'm probably going to talk about these guys for a while. I first stumbled upon them when they played a show with a friend's band. They immediately caught my ears and I tucked them away in the back of my mind. Then I asked them to join me for a show, which they did. And they were awesome. And then they played another show with me during my residency...and they were awesome again. And this past month they've now released 2 sneak peeks at their new album (coming out August 2nd) and both have me so giddy with excitement. I love being excited about new music.

5. Love
 I am so excited about the changes happening in the country regarding gay marriage and gay rights. I know we are nowhere near all the way there yet, but we are making steps forward and it's amazing to witness.

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