Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sea Lion Woman

After an awesome band practice yesterday where we played pretty much all the songs and everything really seemed to be coming together, I went to see Feist at the MN Zoo. Yes, we have summer concert series at our zoo. 

I was a little worried about the venue. I haven't been to the zoo since a high school field trip - as the zoo makes me very sad. I don't like to see the animals in cages and kids screaming and pointing at them. Totally bums me out.

Of course, once there and with a beer in me, all I wanted to do was see the animals. 

The weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor show. So much so that I kept forgetting I was outside. Perfectly still, no bugs, perfect temperature. Just beautiful.

The seating was a little strange. Assigned bench seating. Somewhat uncomfortable. It didn't help that it takes a while for Minnesotans to let loose in public so people stayed seated for most of the show. 90 + minutes sitting on a cramped bench does not do good to a back.

But, Feist brought it. She was awesome. I've always liked Feist, but I've never been a huge fan. Her breathy, floaty vocals sometimes get to me - like Joni Mitchell does. Sometimes I want to yell "Just sing the song!!!". But she does have an amazing voice that was on full display last night and her trio of backing singers harmonizing with her along the way just made it more powerful. 

She's a heck of a guitar player to and I was surprised how much of that was done on her acoustic - her heavily effect pedal'd acoustic, but still. I really need to invest in some pedals.

I left feeling very inspired - as I usually do after shows, but a little more so this time. That probably has something to do with the fantastic band practice I mentioned early. It's very exciting to think of all that can be done.

I'd definitely go see her again. 

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