Friday, March 18, 2016

The Cedar Cultural Center 3-12-16

Playing the Cedar Cultural Center has been a dream venue of mine for a long time. Technically, I've played it before - as part of Prairie Fire Lady Choir they let me sing a few of my own songs during one of their shows there. BUT, I've always wanted to play a full set with a full band there and last weekend I got to!

I was contacted by The Cedar to see if we were available to open for a touring act coming through town called The Prettiots. I was super excited. They asked us right before I left for London (OMG I have to write about London at some point!) and so it was great to know I had something to look forward to when I came back. Coming back from awesome vacations can sometimes be so depressing - at least for me. You look forward to something for so long and then you do it and then it's over.

The sound at The Cedar is top notch and the staff is incredible. They helped us load in. They took care of our merch. They treated us well in the green room. And we got an hour to sound check! This was such a luxury. As someone who is used to playing bars where sound check consists of 5 minutes before your set you go and strum the instruments and test the mic in front of the audience while they all stare at you - this was so great. It was wonderful to hear every instrument on stage perfectly clear while performing.

The Prettiots were delightful. It was a pleasure to open for them.

The Prettiots

I really hope we get to play there again someday.

Backstage shenanigans

Set List for The Cedar Cultural Center 3/12/16
  • For the Time Being
  • Lens
  • Running
  • The Reminder
  • I Wanna Know
  • Blink
  • Daughter
  • Float
  • The Party
  • Reactor
  • When You Were Mine (Prince cover)
  • Safety Mode
  • Introvert

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